New JSPP content now online

So, the Joseph Smith Papers crew has released another batch of content on their website. Included in the release are holograph images and transcriptions of the four contemporaneous accounts of the King Follett Sermon (plus the T&S version as a bonus). [n1] The chunk of early 1842 documents includes the minutes of the organization of the Nauvoo Masonic Lodge. Also some Nauvoo Legion minutes, and skads of letters and deeds. One page that has been out for a while but is announced today is the Calendar of Documents which lists all the known JS documents to 1833 along with forgeries, so you can easily check.

Solid work guys.

  1. I hereby proscribe (again) any reference to the TPJS in historical writing, when discussing anything before the time it was written.


  1. Grin.

  2. Awesome. I’m still waiting on pins and needles for the Legal and Business Records volume, but King Follett and the Masonic minutes will be a nice way to pass the time until it’s released.

  3. Just a word on the CHL online catalog: there appears to be some significant problems in displaying documents there, as opposed to the JSP website. Good on the JSP. But, CHL? Get it fixed.

  4. I am awestruck when I lay eyes on words that were committed to paper by a man who was–at that very moment–listening to Joseph Smith preach.

  5. J. Stapley says:

    Rick, it is cool. I am not sure about Richards, but the other three documents were created after the discourse was finished from (unfortunately) no longer extant notes. [Note discussion below were WVS controverts this statement. Shows what I know!]

  6. J., I think the Bullock and Clayton reports were created on the spot (if they weren’t they must have running while they wrote). Woodruff was clearly a later production.

  7. Unless of course the documents series guys have some ground-breaking info?

  8. J. Stapley says:

    You think? Hm. I could easily be mistaken. Bullock’s just looks so much better than some of the draft minutes I have seen from him that I just assumed they weren’t in that category. And I am no expert on Clayton’s hand, and it isn’t as splendid as his diary (from which the JSPP shared a few bits a while back). It just looked too good to me.

  9. J. Stapley says:

    I’ve edited my comment above.

  10. WVS, what do you say you do a printed version of PJ now? =)

    Been anxiously waiting for that for years.

  11. jpv, I’ve been working on pieces. We’ll see.