March Madness – Modern Mormon Prophets Region

It’s March Madness Bracket season, and it’s been too long since we’ve done anything remotely likely this.

A couple of notes:

  • Voting closes in 24 hours.
  • Seeds have been assigned in the only appropriate fashion: Apostolic seniority.
  • Ancient Prophets, Early Mormonism, and False Prophets regions are forthcoming.
  • Relevant questions for your consideration include:
    1. Who is more prophetic?
    2. Who would win in a leg wrestle?
    3. Whose talks better to read than to listen to?

Modern Mormon Prophets Region


  1. Unfair to pit Ballard vs. Uchtdorf.

  2. Not thrilled with TSM’s bye either. I voted Bye. Not a fan.

  3. There are only 15 of them, they need to have someone have a bye. I see several upsets in this bracket though

  4. Elder Perry has to win at least one round simply because I hear “Argh!!” in a classic pirate voice every time he speaks. Also, once you hear it, it is impossible to listen without hearing it again.

  5. The Other Clark says:

    Why won’t this let me see the results?

  6. To some it is given the spiritual gift of poll viewing, others are merely voters.

  7. The Other Clark–

    I suppose I could make the results visible, but what if that unduly shifts the voting? Or what if it reveals that only 6 people have voted, because blogging is dead?

    I just don’t think I could handle that sort of rejection.

  8. There, I updated it. You can see the results now.

  9. Question is, are we reseeding the tournament after each round or is Holland destined for the notoriously tricky 8/9 vs. 1 seed round 2 matchup?

  10. SIKE!

    (No results!)

  11. Casey–

    This is not the NHL, so there will be no re-seeding. If you don’t like the seeding, take it up with the one who called them in that order!

  12. themaninstripes says:

    I’m smelling the classic 12 upsetting the 5 in this bracket.

    Will the misspelling of Elder Andersen’s first name be enough disrespect to motivate him to pull the very rare 15 over a 2 upset??

  13. themaninstripes–thanks for the comment re name-spelling! I’ve fixed the error–though I cannot promise that the matchup itself isn’t fixed!

  14. Christian J says:

    Packer is Duke and has an underrated shot at winning.

  15. Scott B. says:

    Duke often gets ousted in early rounds, too…

  16. I voted for the bye.

  17. Just in terms of sheer awesomeness, Jeffrey R. Holland is no way a 9 seed, seniority issues notwithstanding.

  18. I predict a Holland / Uchtdorf throwdown. I can’t see it going any other way.

  19. Jabari Packer?

  20. Thomas Parkin says:

    I sustain this poll.

  21. Uchtdorf is going to Cinderella this, VCU or George Mason style, all the way to the Final Four, at least.

  22. I want to see Uchtdorf, Deborah, George Albert Smith’s goatee, and Sun Myung Moon or the September Six come out on top.

  23. Mark Brown says:

    The selection committee blew it. These rules automatically exclude J. Golden Kimball. Bogus, dude. JGK would give Nolan Richardson’s “40 minutes of hell” treatment to 95% of these pretenders.

    You need to at least give him a play-in game. Or, better yet, give him a bye all the way to the finals.

  24. Christian J says:

    Uchtdorf is Gonzaga – king of the mid majors. But can he compete with Eyring and Holland?

  25. Angela C says:

    L. Tom Perry reminds me of that Hanker-for-a-Hunka-Cheese guy from Schoolhouse Rock. But I like that guy (and cheese), so he’s in.

    If Holland wins, I am going to [insert rash threat I will not carry through]. I don’t get his popularity. Not my cup of herbal tea.

  26. John Mansfield says:

    Angela C., I suspect having an English degree and a humanities-type PhD and using the associated skills in public speaking is what does it for him. That and the “Go Cougars!” vote.

  27. I had a hard time with Nelson vs. Cook and Packer vs. Andersen. I guess I don’t know enough about the two newer guys to have a strong opinion.

    The rest of the matchups had clear standouts. Pity the fool that goes up against Uchtdorf or Eyring. On the other hand, anyone up against Bednar . . . well, I’ll stop there.

  28. I agree with Martin. Given this crowd, there’s no question who the two contenders will be in the Finals. The question is, whose cuisine will reign supreme? My bet is good looks and a foreign accent will win out as usual.

  29. Personally, I like Cook, but that’s partly because he looks like Scientist Muppet. I also like Andersen because my husband predicted his apostleship. Clearly my likes and dislikes are totally logical and defensible.

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