March Madness – Early Mormonism & False Prophets Regions

After yesterday’s barnburner that saw Deborah eek out a 6-vote win over Noah, we’re down to two regions left in Round 1.  Rather than wait until Monday for the final region, today it’s two for the price one–Early Mormonism & False Prophets are up now!

(Results from Round 1: Modern Mormon Prophets, Ancient Scripture)

A couple of notes:

  • Voting closes in 24 hours.
  • Seeds have not truly been assigned, because we don’t care about numbers–we care about people.
  • Round 2 for all four regions starts Monday Tuesday Wednesday!
  • Relevant questions for your consideration include:
    1. Did they make it to Salt Lake?
    2. Who had poorer attendance at FHE in college?
    3. Who had the most wives? (or HUSBANDS!?)
    4. Who’s really just in it for the free food?
    5. Who would you be most likely to portray in a Hollywood adaptation of the Restoration?
    6. Who haunts the dark hallways of stake centers at night?

Early Mormonism Region

False Prophets Region


  1. I’m torn by the false prophets bracket–are we supposed to vote for which one is most evil, or which one has the most interesting story? I leaned towards most interesting story, or in the case of McNaughton, the one who makes the dumbest paintings.

  2. If we vote for Satan, do we automatically become one of the third of the hosts of heaven?

  3. I’m gonna be pissed if I lose to the Priests of Baal. Good band name, though.

  4. J. Stapley says:

    I predict a HCK upset.

  5. As for voting for Satan, sorry, but I’m on the fence.

  6. I voted for you, Steve. Good luck.

  7. Scott B. says:

    Nothing would bring me greater joy than seeing ERS whip HCK in the next round. Of course, should he make it that far, we all know that Joseph Smith Jr. would also love to whip HCK.

  8. It pleases me that I know who almost all of these people are.

  9. Scott B. says:

    Villate–I should probably have included a link to explanations of everyone, but I’m just too lazy.

  10. liz johnson says:

    Strang wins every time. Who else was the king of his own island?!

  11. Jennifer in GA says:

    We need more campaigning and stanning! I participate in Fandom March Madness over on LJ and people get crazy trading votes and the like. I could be persuaded to change my vote. Surely someone has a good McNaughton gif out there somewhere?

  12. I would so give good money to see an Emma Hale v Porter Rockwell fight. Probably already happened at least once; hope someone kept the tape.

  13. “. . . good McNaughton . . .” does not compute.

  14. No worries, Scott B. – that’s why God created Google.

  15. And the tab feature in Internet Explorer 10.

  16. MDearest says:

    “EEK! Deborah beat Noah?!” she screamed.

    I voted for everybody who I wanted to see advancing in the bracket, which justifies my McNaughton vote. And Hyrum v Oliver is just unfair. A few of these could use some advance publicity, imhio. (humble-ignorant)

  17. Scott B. says:


    I just took a peek at the results so far, and all I can say is that I AM INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU PEOPLE GOOD GRIEF WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!??!?

  18. Suleiman says:

    Wow! I thought this was all good fun… but we are mixing in living people on the “false prophet” bracket. I call foul on sensitivity. This little bit of horseplay could hurt some very real people.

  19. Scott B. says:


    It is entirely in good fun. Sorry if you think I’m being mean–I just generally want to know if Steve Evans could beat the Priests of Baal, I guess. Hope he forgives me!

  20. The Other Clark says:

    I voted for the bye. Couldn’t bring myself to vote Scratch for any reason.

  21. The Other Clark says:

    Also, I need a visual bracket to fill out.

  22. Hyrum’s descendants actually ended up running the LDS church, so, in a way, we now belong to Hyrum’s church. Just saying.

  23. That Nemelka/McNaughton bracket is really a tough one. Do you vote for the flagrant one
    (i.e. bold operatic satan) or the wolf in sheep’s clothing (i.e. subtle casual satan)?

  24. I think a Skaggs/McNoughton final would cause a concern troll overload.

  25. Stargazer says:

    You know W.W. Phelps left his name on every fifth hymn in the hymnal. I knew his name as a bored kid in SM long before I ever knew a thing about him…

  26. I’m just sad you guys didn’t put Edward Partridge in the Early Mormonism bracket (you know, a real person) and instead put in a fake person. Oh well. These have been fun though!

  27. Left Field says:

    I thought I was pretty well informed on early Mormonism, but who the heck is Nathan Steed? Joseph Smith’s horse?

  28. Nathan Steed is the protagonist in the Work and the Glory series. I had to look that one up.

  29. This is clearly inspired by the adversary to cause confusion and darkness…if Nemelka and Hyrum Smith end up meeting, who am I supposed to vote for?

  30. says:

    No results or new polls to take yet??

  31. Hedgehog says:

    A very long 24 hours.

  32. .

    Scott—you still with us? Polls look open….

  33. Jason K. says:

    Wow, apparently Evans isn’t even evil enough to rig the results…

  34. It’s just so incredibly sad!

  35. Jason K. says:

    Imagine my disappointment: I had thought you were powerful, a force to be reckoned with. Apparently you’re just another blogger, not a tool of Satan after all.

    Hey, wait: maybe we should put this in a press release. It could make modding so much easier. “ATTN: Trolls. It turns out that, through exquisitely scientific means, we’ve demonstrated that Steve Evans is in fact just a bit player in my kingdom. Frankly, his performance is something of an embarrassment, so we’re disavowing him. Please move on. Respectfully, Satan.”

  36. Scott B. says:

    That Steve didn’t win is among the greatest blogging disappointments of my life. AND THERE ARE MANY.

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