Mormon March Madness – Round 2

Round 2 is on!

But it’s not without some major disappointment on the part of this blogger. With respect to the results of the voting in the False Prophets Region, all I can say is that you people have no idea what you’re talking about, and you should–each and every one of you–be ashamed. But we have some delicious match ups in Round 2 (Eliza R. Snow vs. Heber Kimball! Parley P. Pratt vs. Emma!) Jon McNaughton vs. Emperor Palpatine!), so there is still some time for at least a partial redemption.

Vote today and tomorrowthis week, and Sweet Sixteen voting will take place starting on Friday next Monday morning!

Modern Mormon Prophets Region

Ancient Scripture Region

Early Mormonism Region

False Prophets Region


  1. McNaughton was seeded too low, similar problem that Gary Williams complained about that time Maryland was knocked out by College of Charleston.

  2. Basically, the False Prophets Region only got 2-3 of them right. I am a bitter, bitter man.

  3. Sounds like you have a beef with the Selection Committee, Scott.

  4. Thomas Parkin says:

    Satan isn’t a false prophet. Read your scriptures. This newsgroup is apostasy.

  5. I don’t know why it matters, but I love Covey and am just sad he is being called a false prophet. I can’t even vote on that one. Weird eh? Also, is it going to be Early Mormonism vs False Prophets and Ancient Scripture vs Modern Prophets? If so I am calling Uchtdorf vs Smith Jr. for the finals. Unless FMH comes out in droves., then it’ll be Deborah vs Snow.

  6. Matt W.,
    You love Covey–as do lots of people love him. I thought that I picked a sufficiently broad number of people for the False Prophets Region that it was pretty obvious we are just having fun and not actually accusing people of being False Prophets, except maybe in Steve Evans’ case.

  7. Also, it is not yet determined what region will face what region in the Final Four, because it depends on who emerges from each region. This is because certain dead historical people refuse to be eligible for an Internet vote on Sundays.

  8. Need to think of some chants. Let’s Go Strang! Make it Rain…g.

  9. Doug Hudson says:

    How could Steve Evans lose? The priests of Ba’al had no powers, and got flambed. By comparison, Steve Evans is a known servant of Satan (hat tip: Millennial Star), and has demonstrated dark powers by appearing in many different forms. And he comes from the dread land of Canada.

    Obviously he used his fell powers to deliberately lose the vote, to lull people into a false sense of security.

  10. Hat tip ftw.

  11. The OTHER Matt Stone says:

    Ouch, that Monson vs. Holland is going to knock out a major player! It hurt me to vote.

  12. So it’s a bit late, but are you offering a billion . . . pounds of food storage to anyone who submitted a perfect bracket beforehand?

  13. McNaughton vs. Palpatine, no contest. Living evil incarnate vs. made-up fictional villain.

  14. I gave up Facebook for Lent and now I’m desperately lonely. Fyi.

  15. Is it bad I have a slight bias against Elder Andersen because when I worked in Ricks College Public Relations his son came in to demand that his dad (who was an area authority) be invited to come give a devotional?? (If my memory serves me correctly, it could have been another Elder Neil Andersen, I suppose . . . .)

    p.s. We need a Mormon Nate Silver, 538 blog to run the statistics . . . stat.

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