Announcement: LDS Friends & Foes Rendezvous

This coming weekend is General Conference. You probably already know about that. But did you also know that there is also a bloggernacle-oriented get together, put together by long-time BCC BFF, J. Max Wilson? That’s right–it’s the first ever “LDS Friends & Foes Rendezvous,” which is intended to be a “recurring event hosted semiannually around LDS General Conference weekend in April and October.”

As posted in the announcement on Facebook, (as well as over at M*), J.Max’s purpose here is “to get as many LDS blog participants who are widely considered ‘conservative’ …in the same location with as many LDS blog participants who are considered ‘liberal,'” ostensibly in order to place bets on how many donuts Brad Kramer can eat or just stare awkwardly at people they’ve insulted and terrorized online for years.

Now, I know what you’re thinking–“That’s just like Sunstone!”–but J. Max dispels any rumor that this is Sunstone Lite–it is not a conference or symposium; there aren’t going to be presentations or papers or posters or sales booths, and you don’t have to pay to get in. Rather, he says, it is “a private social intended as an opportunity to lay down your proverbial weapons and meet your Internet opponents face-to-face, shake hands and chat over chips and salsa, perhaps hold an old-fashioned orthodox vs unorthodox stick-pull, maybe play a card or word game with people who have insulted you online, and then leave, hopefully, with a new appreciation of the real-life individuals with whom you are dealing.”

I am a big fan of this sort of thing. Meeting people from the bloggernacle is fun. I’ve done it many times, and always enjoyed it tremendously. Also, meeting people you have disagreed with or fought with online is a wonderful thing, and can help heal, reconcile, and bring about previously-unexpected (and undesired!) friendships and respect. I recommend reading about Brad’s experience, if you’re considering attending and wondering whether it may be worth it.

Additional details are below.

When: Friday April 4th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Where: Eborn Books in Salt Lake City. The address is 254 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.
Who: All are welcome, but the emphasis is on long-term bloggernacle participants who are familiar with the community, it’s history, norms, and personalities.
Additional Details: According to J.Max, “There is a cafe at the front of the bookstore, but it will likely be closed by 6:00 pm. Depending on the number of people who show up, we may also move up to another room. If the Cafe is still open, they may not be happy with us bringing our own food, but it is likely that they will be closed, so if you want to bring a snack to share or something to drink, feel free.”


  1. john f. says:

    As I mentioned to JMW, I don’t like the posture this takes in referring to the “sides” as “foes”. To me that is contrary to Zion. None of us are or should be foes; none of us are strangers or foreigners but fellow citizens of the household of God as baptized disciples of Jesus Christ.

  2. Thanks for the promotion, Scott.

    Let me clarify that this is not intended to be a bloggersnacker get together for anyone with passing interest in LDS blogs. It is primarily aimed at long time LDS blog participants who have had significant conflicts with each other over the years.

    I’m not looking for 200 BCC fans to come have a meetup. If BCC wants to have a party for all its fans, it can host an event of its own.

    That said, anyone who has invested significant personal time and effort into blogging about LDS topics and is familiar with some of the conflicts and people is welcome to come.

  3. Scott B. says:

    john f.,
    I admit that, while I agree with you in principle, I had (honestly) understood the title of the event–as well as J. Max’s descriptions–to be a bit tongue-in-cheek/all-in-good-fun, and hence am not bothered by it.

    J. Max,
    Thanks–I’ve updated the “Who” section a bit above to reflect this.

  4. @John F.

    Sorry, but alliteration will always trump your questionable definitions of Zion and discipleship. ;)

    If there is no such thing as a foe then the injunction to love your enemies becomes meaningless…

    [Just a little preview of the excruciating pettyfogging conversations the rendezvous will unavoidably feature!]

    I’ll bow out of further comments here. Thanks again, Scott! See you at the rendezvous, John F.

  5. Scott B. says:

    john f,

    Maybe more to the point, I understand the title and positioning of the event as a recognition of exactly what you’re saying: We shouldn’t be foes, so let’s get together and put some human faces to the names and see if we can’t maybe build a little bit of Zion together.

  6. Scott B. says:

    In any case, as this was meant to be simply an announcement, I’m closing comments here.

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