Exponent II is almost as old as I am!

And they’re having a party!

Exponent II is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a speaker series featuring founding mothers and current staff members.  On April 26 in Potomac, Maryland, former EdiCoin Optor Claudia Bushman will speak with current Editor-in-Chief Aimee Hickman about Mormon feminist history and what they see for Mormon women in the near future.  Discussion and Q&A will follow and light refreshments will be served.  Tickets can be purchased at exponentii.org.


  1. Such a fine and storied institution.

  2. Too bad I moved away from the East Coast last year. I’d give a small appendage (pinky, natch) to be in attendance!


  3. it was a lovely evening. during the Q & A at the end, people were talking about possible changes which would better include women short of ordination, and someone once again suggested women witnessing baptisms. my mother shared that many years ago during blizzard in northern montana, she and the branch president’s wife had witnessed a baptism.