Temple and Observatory Group Meeting

The Temple and Observatory Group is offering a seminar for those in the midst of a faith transition or crisis in the Minnesota area on
Saturday, Sept. 27 at 6125 Shingle Creek Pkwy, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430. Featured speakers include Terryl and Fiona Givens and Spencer Fluhman.

The event begins at 10:30 and goes until 3:30.


  1. MNMormon says:

    There is a Facebook event page where you can sign up. Type in Temple and Observatory group and the event will come up. Otherwise here is the link.

  2. anonymous says:

    I need one not too far away to travel to, but not close enough that people will recognize me, lol.

  3. Patrick Mason says:

    There will also be a TOG event in Portland on Sep 20. Details forthcoming.

  4. freya1973 says:

    I would like to attend, although I am not undergoing a faith transition or crisis.

  5. Sounds fun — temple and cosmos.

  6. I would love to see this come to Fairbanks. A number of people who have started following the Bloggernacle, after Ordain Women, came back from the last temple trip with a huge amount of cognitive dissonance. (It’s a long drive back to think about everything, since most took one name through the entire process.)