Last Minute Reminder: Mormon Women’s History Initiative Conference Saturday August 9, 2014

In case you were planning on going but saw registration was closed, it is now open.

Origins and Destinations: Forty Years of Mormon Women’s Histor(ies).

Utah Valley University
Science Building Auditorium
SB 134
9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Honoring the Life and Work of Claudia L. Bushman

Our own Kristine Haglund will be responding to the first panel. Be there, or be square. (You’ve got to register by this evening, it’s free:



  1. Will be there for the first half, and tweeting with #mwhi2014.

  2. Scratch the tweeting plans. Twitter is blocked on UVU campus (my libertiez!), and my phone doesn’t get service in the auditorium.

  3. The bad UVU WiFi does work, though, from a laptop. Great talks so far. Aimee Hickman just gave a wonderful exploration of faithful narrative as editor of Exponent II. Kristine Haglund now prepping, if they can cure the audio system of its demonic possession.

  4. “neurophilotheoscientists.” Kristine has just lost all ground for criticizing my neologisms. She’s giving a great talk, excellently, in any case.

  5. The first panel was wonderful. Carol Madsen did a touching reflection on her career as a biographer of Mormon women, Ben Bennion gave an overview of Elizabeth Kane’s voyage through territorial Utah, and Aimee Hickman masterfully examined the evolving notions of “faithful” in Mormon narratives. Kristine did her typically wonderful job using a deep metaphor to expound important lessons from the papers–in honor of Claudia, she used the metaphor of needlework. Great stuff.

  6. Great mix of old guard and young Turks on these panels. Fun to hear the stories of the early phases of Mormon Women’s History, and a delight to see the young scholars, editors, and writers exploring the field.

  7. Jenny Reeder’s doing a great job thinking about Tullidge vs. Bancroft, context and theory.

  8. Dr. Bushman (“the inexplicable Claudia Bushman”/”I, Claudia”) did a wonderful job with her noon comments. She retold the founding of Exponent II from her contemporary letters to her parents, gave a sense for her power and drive. She is working on an autobiography called I Claudia and two other projects currently. Some great ideas about practical approaches to approving the experience of women in the LDS Church. She proposed that we could, without substantial changes in core liturgy, have the young women either run the music or do the talks while the young men run the sacrament, as a simple example. Fantastic opportunity to enjoy her wisdom and spirit.

  9. Any chance we could get copies of the addresses and link them here. I would have loved to attend. With no twitter or technology I am die-ing.

  10. Embry tells great story about asking a Navajo LDS about whether she would go on Trek. “[What am I supposed to do, attack the handcarts?]” A great talk on oral histories and specificity.

  11. re: copies. I haven’t got a clue. Some guy seems to be wandering about with his iPhone recording movie, but I have no clue what of this meeting will be recorded. That said, “I, Claudia” will likely give an excellent sense for Claudia’s talk. Sounds like she’s hoping to finish in 2015, which would mean pub date in 2016 some time.

  12. My cup of envy runneth over and dribbleth down my shirtfront. Claudia, Jill Derr, Colleen Whitley, Carol Madsen, Kristine Haglund . . . . ! Blessings on you, each and all.

  13. Thanks for the updates! I wish I could have been there.

  14. I was there. Loved it all. Claudia was a hoot. She has a great sense of humor and good timing. Only problem was no mayo or mustard or the do-it-yourself sandwiches for lunch. When I asked one of the servers, he said they only put out what was ordered. I told him I thought some kind of spread was a given and shouldn’t have to be ordered. Fortunately, the bread was so fresh, the sandwich was fine with no mayo or mustard. I’m really tired now, though, as I did FAIR all day Thursday and Friday.

  15. melodynew says:

    I hope they have transcripts at least, if not audio. I would refer to them again and again. This was an amazing symposium. The formal and informal conversations spanned past, present, and future. It gave me an unexpected feeling of hope about women’s place in the church. I’m still feeling it today.

    And listening to Claudia gave me a confidence boost as a middle-aged Mormon Feminist. Her “If I fight, then run away, I will live to fight another day” mantra (with regard to how to approach problems of gender inequality within the LDS church) was golden!