New Blogger: Peter LLC

Every once in a while, humankind takes a giant leap forward. This is one of those moments. Peter LLC, longtime commenter and erstwhile guest, has agreed to join us as a permablogger. We’re stoked. Everyone, please welcome Peter aboard!


  1. Awesome; welcome Peter!

  2. Yay! All hail Peter LLC!

  3. Peter is the man.

  4. Welcome!

  5. cookie queen says:

    Cookies Peter? Will be in your city soon.

  6. Sweet.

  7. Mais oui, cookie queen! I’ll take a dozen of whatever you’ve got.

    And thank you. It’s an honor to join the ranks of the BCC.

  8. Kevin Barney says:


  9. Huzzah!

  10. Cool!

  11. Welcome, Peter- so very happy to have you on board!

  12. J. Stapley says:

    Welcome aboard!

  13. Yipee!

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