Say it with a Saturday’s Warrior GIF: Part 2


Saturday’s Warriors GIFs are back. Between this post and the other one I hope to have supplied you with a Flinders Family-approved reaction GIF for nearly any situation.

Announcing a pregnancy? Consider using this gem:


And bookmark these next two which will certainly come in handy when blogging your birth story:





When the results of your Disciplinary Council are pending.



Applicable for a wide range of situations: from picking a scab to cooking meth!



Getting amped for an Institute dance



When you feel like you should probably comfort someone, but you also sort of don’t want anything to do with them. (Interchangeable with this GIF.)





We all know a guy.



When you learn that Strong Bad email is coming back





When the @LDSChurch Twitter account uses clickbait headlines.





Not even once


SW-gif-jimmy sad

When your husband eats the last of the Triscuits.








Keyword: PWNED. (Also, I’m pretty sure Jimmy flings himself the wrong direction.)


I’ll leave you with my favorite one.

SW-gif-haters gonna hate

If you have a better caption for any of these, then BY ALL MEANS!


  1. it's a series of tubes says:

    Is this thread the best thing on the Internet? Or does that title belong to the last thread?

    Yes. Fulfilling the measure of its creation, indeed.

  2. I want one of these as reactions to conference talks. Please.

    Pretty please?

  3. Lolling! Good job!

  4. I don’t think the despair over the husband’s having eating the last of the Triscuits is quite right. The despair stems from his having eaten Triscuits in the first place.

  5. I mean, that’s not the sort of thing you want to discover about someone you love.

  6. cue John C. with his cheez-its.

  7. That’s enough out of you, Jason, and anyone else like-minded. Triscuits are delicious, end of story.

    EmJen, our own Angela C had the same idea in April, with A+ results.

  8. The water-cracker cabal will TAKE YOU DOWN!!!

  9. That’s a solid meh.

  10. Jimmy flinging himself in the wrong direction is the beauty of it.

  11. I remember watching this back in the day and thinking that the dad thought he was in a Shakespearean play with his overly dramatic acting, and everyone else acted like it was a roadshow that was being flimed….which it was.

    This screwed with my mind a little because the “bad” girls were all dressed in athletic workout gear–although it was 80s workout gear, so it was pretty shiny. For a long time I thought that anyone who was wearing workout clothes in their everyday life was on a slippery slope to bursting out into zero population (today the song would be called climate control). Then I realized it was sleeveless workout clothes so I’m fine now and only judge those women in my ward who walk around in sleeveless workout clothes as being minions of Satan.

    Do you remember an explosion of babies being named Emily after this tour came through your town like it did mine? Even if it was a boy, the parent would say, “We knew we had a little Emily just waiting for us”. Code for… the producers of the show can better plan our family and receive divine inspiration in our most intimate decisions as a couple than we can.

  12. The last picture should say something along the lines of “This is what you’ll be doing for eternity as a ministering angel if you don’t stop hanging out and start dating so you can find your eternal companion you promised to find in the pre-mortal existence.”

    ‘Haters gonna hate’ is much shorter and pithier though, I’ll give you that.

  13. The mom looks just like Michelle Duggar.

  14. It’s not just any Cheezit(TM), guys. It is Tabasco(TM) flavored Cheezits. Mark it, Bro. Fowles.

  15. Bro. Jones says:

    Needs more pictures of the villain, who is the only charismatic character in the entire show.

  16. Constantly re-enacting the ‘Jimmy gets smacked shot’ was a highlight of my mission. I’d say it was aided by our poor translation into Mandarin….Thanks for pointing out his moving in the wrong direction. You must be more in tune with the spirit than I am.

  17. “Not even once” = epic.

    Funny how some of these actually reflect broader pop-culture elements that are now almost forgotten. Does anyone remember the annoying ’80s “Be Smart–Don’t Start” anti-drug commercials? And Pam’s fake nose and “a-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha” is a pretty clear nod to Jimmy Durante.

  18. LiteralHipster says:

    “We’re being punished for our perms.”

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