October 2014 Conference Report in GIFs

It’s time to recap the latest General Conference through the medium of GIFs like I did six months ago.  First, a few quick observations about General Conference and social media:

  • I swear that the Pinterest memes with scrolly fonts and pictures of nature are up before the speaker even finishes the talk.  What is up with that?  Also, does it remind anyone else of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy?
  • I started to struggle to tell the difference between the tweets about General Conference and the other random tweets I was getting throughout the weekend.  Perhaps it’s the medium, but here are a couple that showed up that gave me pause:
    • Lets all be compassionate to those folks who are now moving away from Climate Change Denial and those who are stuck. Life is for learning.” [1]
    • Facts have no agenda. They can’t be racist or sexist or bias in any way. They can’t be softened or changed to avoid offence. They just are.” [2]

On to the GIFs:

film animated GIF

Hearing conference talks in the speaker’s native tongues.

film animated GIF

Kacher: “While in Provo, I met people who were living a much different life than me.”

male animated GIF

Confusion over how to number sessions due to some trying to include the Women’s Meeting and others trying to exclude it.

tattoo animated GIF

When liberals heard E. Holland’s talk.

brother animated GIF

Holland:  I’m not my brother’s keeper, but I am my brother’s brother, brotha.

disney animated GIF

Scott quotes Sister Linda S. Reeves, calling her “a very wise woman.”

harry potter animated GIF

Ballard:  “Joseph Smith himself was a seeker.”

brother animated GIF

Bednar: “Our invitations to you are not an attempt to diminish your religious tradition or life experience.”

spoilers animated GIF

When children were told to pray for their future spouses, all the tween girls were totally on board with that.

one direction animated GIF

Cheezburger animated GIF

Bednar: “Sometimes we may be awkward or abrupt or relentless in our attempts. Our simple desire is to share.”

the shining animated GIF

Packer: “It’s time to take the cover off our hatchets and go to work.”

back to the future animated GIF

Packer: Family history not only about the past; it includes the present and the future.

art animated GIF

Bring on the Uchtdorf!

highqualitys animated GIF

Godoy:  “All of us have experienced or will yet experience moments of great decision in our lives.”

indiana jones animated GIF

Don’t get distracted by critics and information on the internet.

harrison ford animated GIF

When critics suggest infirm leaders should be emeritus.

indiana jones animated GIF

Ballard: “We’ve experienced it all. … We’re not out of touch.”

dancing animated GIF

Ballard: “You will realize that we live less in a ‘bubble’ than most people.” Because our leaders travel the world, they are in less of a bubble than most members.

indiana jones animated GIF

What older folks may think about these young whippersnappers.

indiana jones animated GIF

OW drinking game:  Whenever feminists are dissed, OWers must drink.

indiana jones animated GIF

When someone falls out of the Old Ship Zion, we should help them.

boat animated GIF

Ballard: “Stay in the boat, use your lifejackets, hold on with both hands.”

star trek animated GIF

star trek animated GIF

Pres. Monson:  “As we associate with [those not of our faith], may we show our respect for them.”

fail animated GIF

Best prayer gaffe ever:  “Faithen our strength”

What were your favorite conference moments?



[1] Mark Ruffalo said this.

[2] Ricky Gervais.  What gave it away was the British spelling of “offense.”


  1. Brilliant.

  2. By Common Consent loves Indiana Jones? That’s good.

  3. Oh gads, the boat. The boat!! I’m dying.

  4. “Joseph Smith himself was a seeker.” PERFECT

  5. I’m impressed they all managed to stay in the boat! Great recap, Angela!

  6. GWB “dancing” is revelatory. Or at least inspired.

  7. Kevin Barney says:

    It’s as if I were there in the first row…

  8. You forgot this one for Elder Ballard’s “stay on the ship: talk: http://i.imgur.com/KQcTE3a.gif

  9. This is a wonderful thing.

  10. beccalouise says:

    Ive been googling somethimg about conference that led me here. Funny gifs 😀. Maybe I’ll ask my question here. I think it was sunday morning session
    They announced the person who would say the prayer by giving the persoons name and their employment position at young living oils. Is this true and did anyome catch this? I guess this is a big plug for young living oils?

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