Conferences, Ranked

Would it have made more sense to post this ranking last week, before GC? Yeah, it probably would have.

October 2012 GC
As always, these rankings are authoritative.

  1. Stake (Saturday)
  2. Stake (Sunday)
  3. Potsdam Conference, 1945
  4. This one?
  5. Fifth Solvay International Conference on Electrons and Photons, 1927
  6. Mosiah 2-5
  7. SEC
  8. Parent-Teacher
  9. General
  10. Zone

Honorable Mention:


  1. Re: Zone as #1, “yeah your prophet is OK but did you go to that awesome sandwich shop down the street from the chapel where they give a discount to the missionaries???”

  2. Those were good sandwiches, Elder.

  3. For “that one”, you should have linked to the one with the built in counter.

  4. As a nerd, I’m especially gratified to see #6 make the list.

  5. The fact that parent teacher conference is even on this list is enough to tell me you’ve never been to one.

  6. I mistook #3 for #2 and showed up in pajamas expecting waffles. I had to talk to the principal.

  7. Sorry but you missed a huge one. The 1831 conference in Kirtland goes down as one of the best, wackiest, craziest, most historical and yet least talked about conferences of all time. High priests ordained for the first time, dudes are getting possessed, Hyrum is freaking out, Joseph is like “Chill, Hyrum, I got this.” Then he’s all casting out demons and laying the smack down with the priesthood.

    By far the best. conference. ever. Makes it hard to watch our modern conferences knowing how good they had it back then.

  8. What, no Vatican II ?

  9. Lance: “You are not worth the chair you are sitting on.”
    Jesus would never say that. Maybe he would say something like, “Woe unto you… hypocrites!”

  10. And I feel like #7 should be closer to #1. I’m sure the scriptures or a prophet have said repetition is the mother of all learning.

  11. People attend Stake Conference Saturday session?

  12. Are these rankings authoritative?

  13. Wow, it says right there… authoritative!

  14. Shark, thou art jumped.

  15. Don’t tempt the fates, Fowles!

  16. Next up, an authoritative ranking of all BCC rankings. Do it.

  17. Vanarama Conference.

  18. What? Bananarama was at Conference? Were they singing with the Choir?

  19. I, too, am glad to see Solvay Conference on the list. Although I would have liked to see Pocono Conference appear there too.

  20. I also wonder whether a conference call is counted as a conference. I’m thinking of the Conference calls Ted, Marshall and Barney had (see:! ).

  21. RJH,
    I was going to include “North” or “Premier” but figured you’d be the only one to appreciate it. Should have gone with Vanarama in the end…

  22. I feel like John F. is trying to tell us something, but I can’t quite figure out the message.

  23. Casey, Christ’s 2nd Coming is going to occur during Saturday evening session of Stake Conference. Or it may have already…..

    Parent-Teacher Conference and General Conference always happen at the same time and both tell me all I’m doing wrong and should be better at. One inspires me to be better and one makes me shrug with a “whatcha goin’ do?” philosophy. I have been known to utter that at both conferences, depending on the teacher or speaker.

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