Sunday Morning Poem: “Credo”

I’ve been at work on this one for a while, and I’ll probably keep tinkering, but here it is anyway.

As matter of creed I do not believe
that God from nothing framed the universe
but that from matter unorganized God shaped
the worlds, the seas, the plants, the beasts, and me.
I call this blessed rage for order good,
for on the eighth day I work to sow my field
but find that chaos chokes my scattered ears;
creation yields me little corn, or none.
But God may yet, I must believe, invent
from seeds of darkness—all I can present—
holy beauty. What else can creed demand
than turning uncreative strength against
the dark, to brood above the sea’s abyss
and forge a beauty in rebellious fire?


  1. This is terrific Jason! There’s a lot of rich imagery going on.

  2. Superb!

  3. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this :)

  4. Wonderful that you are writing poetry again!

  5. melodynew says:

    Beautiful. It is now a Monday evening prayer for me. Amen.

  6. Thanks, Melody. I was hoping you’d come across it. :)

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