Why Oxfam?


Great Malvern Oxfam shop

On Mondays during the school holidays, my son joins his grandfather as a volunteer at our local Oxfam shop. His reasons for doing so are several: he’s a good boy who likes doing good things (when not killing grunts on the Xbox), he likes spending time with his grandpa, it’s his first experience of a “job,” and it counts towards a community service programme in which he is active.

The “Oxfam Shop” is a ubiquitous presence on the British high street and helps make Oxfam one of the biggest players in the charity sector in Britain (in case it isn’t obvious, the “Ox” refers to its origins in Oxford as a famine relief organisation). A kind of upmarket thrift store with books and FairTrade products alongside clothes, Oxfam shops represent one small part of Oxfam’s international effort to raise and then spend money to alleviate the suffering of the poor (and the causes of that suffering). The American branch of Oxfam — Oxfam America — spent $63m in 2014 on its efforts, as it says, to “fix the injustice of poverty.”

OxfamDonating to Oxfam is just one of many ways to help the poor. Like all charities it has its problems, but thelifeyoucansave.org lists it as a “recommended” charity. It is reputable, established, influential, and transparent.

During 2015, By Common Consent will be organising various efforts to raise money for Oxfam America. If you have any questions about the charity, please post them below and we will ask @oxfamamerica to answer them (#OxfamBCC).

Specifics on the BCC campaign will be given in subsequent posts. In the meantime, have a look at their website.


  1. I think Oxfam is a great choice.

  2. Oxfam rocks. Remember to discuss the possibility of planning and executing an Oxfam community outreach hunger banquet during 2015 in your ward and stake councils as a service/missionary activity! Here’s an old memo that might be helpful as a resource with a little bit of adapting to individual circumstances: https://bycommonconsent.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/hunger-banquet-memo-jan-2005-anonymized.docx

  3. not a snarky question: i’ve looked at the oxfam america site at least a little more in depth than simple scanning, but i cannot seem to find out exactly “how” oxfam combats poverty and such. what exactly do they “do” and how do they do it??

  4. I will pass that question on.

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