Sunday Morning Poem: “Eucharist”

A broken boy
broke the bread
and then
with breaking voice
broke the prayer.

His broken prayer
found broken me,
Jesus there
much more than
when he got it right.


  1. melodynew says:

    How perfect. And broken. Thank you, Jason.

  2. As we renew our covenants each week, we offer a broken heart, without the veneer of pride, so that we can lay in in the hands of the Savior, and be returned a heart perfected and strong enough to see us through, until the next time we allow it to be repaired.

  3. Or, so that Jesus can lay hands on (and in) us.

  4. With 3 boys of my own, one a priest, I imagined real boys I know…my son, his friends, his classmates, my younger sons in the future…boys we have known for years…with all their beauty and struggles. This was lovely. Thank you.

  5. Jason. That was positively beautiful. Thank you for that. I felt the Spirit.

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