A second written of Christs visit to America. Part I.

Every once in a while we receive letters to the editor that demand the public eye. As an apologist, I think it is important that each of you read and memorize this email in its entirety. This is about 1/3 of it. Get cracking! There is much knowledge here to be gleaned and this will be an important resource for your Book of Mormon classes.

From: “David McKane”
Date: Jan 23, 2015 7:54 PM
Subject: A second written of Christ visit to America.
To: “admin”

To whom it may concern:

Could somebody please find out way FAIR and the Neal A Maxwell institute will not do any research about the overwhelming evidence for the Book of Mormon found in North America.

In North America there is dna, archeological, cultural, and linguistic evidence a second account of Christ visit and Lehi’s landing in North America from 1680. And these institutes completely ignore the evidence.

Also could you post the the New Relations of Gaspesia on your blog so other people can study this and do research on it. Its not happening at the Neal A Maxwell Institute.

Listed below are the evidences they are ignoring.

Other than the Book of Mormon there is another second written account of Christ visit to America and Lehi’s landing in America from 1680. It’s found in New Relations of Gaspesia. From a French catholic missionary who lived with Canadian Indian tribe just above the Hill Cumorah for 12 years in 1670. He wrote about their beliefs and customs. He refers to these Indians as the Gaspesian Indians they are known today as the Mik Maq Indians. The quotes from the book are in bold and are from the 1910 English translation. A link to download the pdf copy is listed below.

Lehi’s first landing

Others hold that this new world has been peopled by certain individuals who, having embarked upon the sea for the purpose of establishing a colony in foreign parts, were surprised by storm and tempest, which threw them upon the coasts of North America. Here they were unfortunately shipwrecked, and, with their ships, they lost everything which they must have had with them of property, and of the things which they valued most in the world. Affairs were such that this shipwreck having left them wholly without hope of ever returning into their own country

What makes this quote interesting is that North American Indians did not build ships or nor would it seem that they would have a concept of being shipwrecked is.

Tempest and storms are mentioned during the ocean voyage in the Book of Mormon.

The gaspesians had two beliefs on how they arrived in north America here is the second belief

They say that when the sun, which they have always recognized and worshiped as their God, created all this great universe, he divided the earth immediately into several parts, wholly separated one from the other by great lakes : that in each part he caused to be born one man and one woman, and they multiplied and lived a very long time : hut that having become wicked along with their children, who killed one another, the sun wept with grief thereat, and the rain fell from the heaven in such great abundance that the waters mounted even to the summit of the rocks, and of the highest and most lofty mountains. This flood, which, say they, was general over all the earth, compelled them to set sail in their bark

Jesus Christ visit

They claim that, at a time when their country was afflicted with a very dangerous and deadly malady which had reduced them to an extreme destitution in every respect and had already sent many of them to their graves, certain old men of those whom they considered the best, the wisest, and the most influential, fell asleep, all overwhelmed with weariness and despair at seeing a desolation so general and the impending ruin of the entire Gaspesian nation, unless it should promptly be rescued through the powerful aid of the sun, which they recognized, as we have already said, as their deity. It was, say they, in this sleep filled with bitterness that a man, beautiful as could be, appeared to them with a Cross in his hand. He told them to take heart, to go back to their homes, to make Crosses like that which were shown them, and to present these to the heads of families with the assurance that if they would receive the Crosses with respect they would find these without question the remedy for all their ills. And so it turned out in fact, for the sickness ended, and all the afflicted who used the Cross with respect were restored miraculously to health. In this they were more happy

I would say the sleep may correspond to three days of darkness after the destruction of their cities mentioned in 3Nephi. The fact that they were in turmoil just before this beautiful person arrives and teaches them the cross (gospel). Then this belief and person caused miraculous healings matches the Book of Mormon quite well. The Gaspesian Indians said that the origination of the belief in the cross came from the visit of this beautiful person. The belief of the cross was received with suspicion from Father Clercq. He assumed other missionaries taught them this belief in a cross the Indians said differently as written below

The Gaspesians Indians have a one year betrothal period and dowry just like the Hebrews do.

The one of our Indians who wishes to marry a girl must live an entire year in the wigwam of his mistress’s father, whom he must serve and to whom he must give all the furs of moose and beavers which he kills in hunting.By the same law it is forbidden to the future husband and wife to abandon themselves to their pleasure.”

Here is another Hebrew culture that is the same as gaspesian cultural belief.

After the death of one’s brother, it is permissible to marry his wife, in order that she may have children of the same blood if she has not had any by her first husband

Here is another belief that goes back to the middle east

A matter which is yet more surprising is this—they observe still to this day certain ceremonies of which they do not know the origin, giving no other reasons than that their ancestors have always practiced the same thing. The first is this, that the women and girls, when they suffer the inconveniences usual to their sex, are accounted unclean.

The Gaspesian Indians practiced a mummification for their chiefs like the Egyptians did for their pharaohs. Since the Hebrews were enslaved by the Egyptians at one time it looks like this tradition got passed down.

I have learned only this from our Indians, that the chiefs of their nation formerly entrusted the bodies of the dead to certain old men, who carried them sacredly to a wigwam built on purpose in the midst of the woods, where they remained for a month or six weeks. They opened the head and the belly of the dead person, and removed there from the brain and the entrails

They would also remove the skin but it seems to me with all the Hebrew ties its safe to say that this tradition originates from Egypt.

Their cemeteries venerates the cross

their cemeteries appeared more like those of Christians

They have a belief in a cross that Father Chrétien Le Clercq believed was due to a previous missionaries but the gaspesians said they had believed in the cross before the French arrived. Their belief in the cross came from the above mentioned quote from Christ visit a beautiful man with a cross in his hand gave them this belief in the cross in which people where miraculously healed.

one day to make these pagans admit that the missionaries who had preceded me had taught them the manner in which they ought to worship the Cross, the leading person said to me, ” Well, now, thou art a Patriarch. Thou wishest that we believe everything that thou tellest us, but thou art not quote willing to believe that which we tell thee. Thou art not yet forty years old and for only two hast thou dwelt with the Indians ; and yet thou pretendest to know our maxims, our traditions, and our customs better than our ancestors who have taught them to us. Dost thou not still see every day the old man Quioudo, who is more than a hundred and twenty years old : He saw the first ship which landed in our country. He has repeated to thee often that the Indians of Mizamichis have not received from strangers the use of the Cross, and that his own knowledge of it has been derived through tradition from his fathers, who lived for at least as long a time as he.

To support the idea that previous missionaries did not give them their belief in the cross there is another Indian tribe from 1540 that also used the cross in the same manner as the Mik Maq Indians. There is not a lot of detail but still supportive that the cross belief is pre missionary. This quote comes from the Coronado expedition just 50 years after Columbus discovers America and before Christian missionaries. The use of the cross was used in burial just like the mik mak Indians and Spaniards were pretty convinced that their belief of the cross was of Christian origin and probably made its way by India.

I have written about other things which seen nor made any mention of them, because they were of not of so much importance, although it does not seem right for me to remain silent concerning the fact that they venerate the sign of the cross in the region where the settlements have high houses. For at a spring which was in the plain near Acuco they had a cross two palms high and as thick as a finger, made of wood with a square twig for its crosspiece, and many little sticks with feathers decorated around it and numerous withered flowers, which were the offerings. In a graveyard outside the village at Tutahaco there appeared to have been recent burial. Near the head there was another cross made of two little sticks tied with cotton thread, and dry withered flowers. It certainly seems to me that in some way they must have received some light from the cross of Our Redeemer, Christ, and it may have come by way of India, from whence they proceeded.


Here is an interesting statement made by Father Clercq

these people had received in times past a knowledge of the Gospel and of Christianity, which they have finally lost through the negligence and the licentiousness of their ancestors.

This statements also refers to their loss of their learning that fits the Book of Mormon. This statement is referring to their founding fathers I also believe that it refers to missionary work and teaching done by their high priest and teachers.

They hold, further, that it could well have been a fact that these individuals were instructed in the sacred mysteries of our holy Religion, and that they had even a knowledge and the use of letters, since, in the establishment of colonies, it is customary to send there men who are alike learned and pious, in order that they may teach to the peoples, along with purely human knowledge, the most solid maxims of Christian wisdom and piety. Nobody, however, having followed them in these glorious employments, the knowledge which they had of the true God, of letters, and of their origin, was thus gradually lost and effaced from the minds of their unfortunate posterity by the lapse of time.

Letters are mentioned and suggest they had their religious beliefs written on them.



  1. You’re not actually going to post all three parts, are you? Because that would seem a little excessive. And yes, I see the irony in that.

  2. If all three parts are not posted, the world will miss out on this information. I owe the world all three parts.

  3. Peter Yates says:


    You may owe the world something, but not all three parts. :) God bless you for your patience.

  4. Sometimes it’s important to get things read into the record. This is one of those times.

  5. Steve, it’s totally uncool for you to post all three parts. You only posted part 1 of “A second written of Christs visit to Malaysia.”

  6. I thought that other work was just over the top.

  7. Are there references to Battlestar Galactaca in parts II and III?

  8. I can’t quite figure out if this is satire or not. Either way, someone has way too much time on their hands.

  9. This is David McKane I’m the one who sent the email to by common consent and obviously did not spend time to proof read the email. I hope Steve will take time to fix the grammatical errors. But I think the evidence will speak for itself. The physical evidence for the Book of Mormon will come out it in droves if you look in the right spot.

  10. By the time I finish reading parts II and III, will I be convinced to convert to Catholicism?

  11. Those who presume the truth of the claim they are making will almost always find some evidence in support of their belief. This is how we read Charles Anthon and Martin Harris into Isaiah 29 and the Book of Mormon into Ezekiel 37. And it is how we mold Indian legends to fit the Book of Mormon narrative. None of this really brings us closer to the truth, but it does make us feel better, in a superficial way, about our religion.

  12. All I know is that nothing makes me want to abandon myself to pleasure like the furs of moose and beavers. Er, well, maybe not the beavers. Anyway. Point being, I wonder if this means that I am part Hebrew. I will keep reading parts 2 and 3 to find out.

  13. Owen Witesman says:

    And next up, Urantia in serial form.

  14. I honestly think Mr. McKane does not deserve the treatment he has received so far. Please kindly explain where he has gone wrong.

    Steve Evans: How is this not cyber bullying of a fellow Latter-day Saint? Please don’t go down this path.

  15. Suleyman, either Mr. McKane has presented these materials seriously, in which case he clearly favors their publication, or he has presented them satirically, which leads me to the same conclusion. I have no reason to believe that the author of the email objects to its printing – in fact, the opposite. I leave interpretation of the letter to the reader.

  16. Steve, you are either not being honest with your readers or yourself when you write “I leave interpretation of the letter to the reader.”

    You introduced the piece by saying “I think it is important that each of you read and memorize this email in its entirety. This is about 1/3 of it. Get cracking!”

  17. Paul, probably neither. Try to relax.

  18. David McKane says:

    Im not sure why Steve has not posted the other parts. So if you want to read all the findings that I have found from others and researched myself go to
    Steve if you do decide to post the other parts please do me a favor and fix the grammer errors

  19. I’ve just been a busy. I’ll get on it!

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