Scene: Primary singing time.

Song: “A Child’s Prayer.”

Boy to my right: beatboxing softly. 

Conclusion: “A Child’s Prayer” is definitely better with a beatbox accompaniment.

N.b.: YMMV, depending on the beatboxing skills of the kid to your right.

Tell me about #todayatchurch.


  1. haha!!!!

  2. #Todayatchurch someone said the had an anti-gay marriage home evening with all 7 of their kids. It seemed a strange topic for home evening.

    #Todayatchurch my husband fell asleep during Sunday school….again #wardclerkproblems

    #Todayatchurch I sang “know this, that every soul is free” and even though the lesson didn’t match the message, I was uplifted.

  3. #todayatchurch I used the new children’s book Girls Who Choose God for the entirety of my Young Women’s lesson and it was totally awesome!

    #todayatchurch an older man asked me for a hug because I played the closing hymn fast and loud despite the indications of the chorister.

    #todayafterchurch my sunbeam reported that she loved her primary teacher. But not so much her older brother…

  4. #todayatchurch the youth sang a musical piece in sacrament meeting. Meanwhile, the first counselor in the branch presidency and the RS president stood in the center aisle and snapped pics and captured video of the performance on their smartphones.

  5. #todaychurch had a beautiful violin solo for rest hymn. Ethereal.

  6. #todayatchurch my Sunbeam brought home a paper that said “Jesus can help me to ___” and she’d drawn a green circle. She said it was a deep, deep, green hole, and if she falls in then Jesus could help her get out.

  7. #todayatchurch someone read this story over the pulpit: http://www.snopes.com/glurge/oneeye.asp Even my 8 year old was skeptical about the possibility of a full eye transplant.

  8. #todayatchurch a woman was the final speaker in Sacrament Meeting. A married woman who is neither leaving for, nor returning from, a mission. In nine years in this ward, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that happen.

  9. #todayatchurch I told my bishop I just can’t do it anymore and am stepping away from the church

  10. #todayatchurch Opening prayer: “Dear Father, Please send us rain, because we really need it.”
    Closing prayer: “We thank thee for this wonderful sunny weather and pray it will continue.”

  11. RK, sorry to hear that. May God bless you on your journey.

  12. #todayatchurch During Sacrament meeting, one of my sons made his own version of Mike and Mattie (the terrible comic from The Friend) that included Mike turning into Elvis and Mattie trying to deal with extreme flatulence.

  13. #todayatchurch was stake conference. Following the Saturday Evening session, the missionaries informed me that a less-active member needed a ride home. Apparently someone else had brought him and then left early. The missionaries pleaded for help and my wife (as always) said “okay.” Still, she was bummed because it would take an hour to drive the member to his home and thereby kill our previous plans for a date night.

    The less-active member turned out to be a recent high school grad. I remembered when his family joined the church 6+ years earlier. Over the years I had thought of him often since I was in the YM presidency. And now here he was.

    During the drive he quickly opened up about doubts regarding historical issues – in particular the differing accounts of the First Vision. I said, “you’re in luck; the bishopric asked me to speak on that very subject in next week’s sacrament meeting; you should come.” He was amazed that I actually knew the issues and could discuss them logically rather than just “pray about it,” which was all the missionaries could offer.

    Coincidence or tender mercy? Who knows. But I’m very glad for the experience. After dropping off the young man, my wife and I still had date night. Unfortunately, the Lord appears to have run out of tender mercies because all that was open was Stake ‘n Shake. Granted, it’s not exactly a comparable to joining the Martin handcart company, but it is a close second.

  14. Dave K,

    I hope you will share your upcoming talk with us at some point!

  15. #todayatchurch youth speaker mentioned that the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet only called out “extreme” hair color because all the adult women in church already color their hair.

    #todayatchurch had an amazing brunch served in our visiting teaching conference with fruit cups, mini quiches, dark chocolate covered almonds, and cheese / crackers.

  16. Maryland Musician says:

    #today at church — we had two themes in sacrament meeting, which we sometimes do. One was modesty — again — with emphasis on no bare bellies, only two earrings, sleeves, no tight clothing, no tats, no cursing. We get this almost every year. Blah. The other talk was on keeping the two great commandments. Guess which on I listened to?

  17. Maryland Musician says:

    Sorry — guess which *one* I listened to?

  18. DaveK, don’t you DARE knock Steak n Shake.

  19. Steak N Shake is disgusting.

  20. Actually it was yesterday at church, but so what?

    #todayatchurch I swapped tweets with @_Kristine_A
    #todayatchurch we found out a very cool investigator family is being baptized next week
    #todayatchurch my son and daughter-in-law got up in time to make it for the opening hymn

    The only Steak N Shake I’ve ever been to is in Bloomington (or maybe Normal), Illinois. It’s been raining to beat the band every time, and the roof leaks, so there’s always a table or two you can’t use because there’s a bucket catching water. I think it might be the original Steak N Shake. Chili Mac is as bad as it sounds.

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