19 Times General Conference Was THE BEST, Ranked

Some people love General Conference! Some other people don’t love General Conference! Some people, like Steve and I, have experienced both highs and lows during General Conference. Earlier this week, we talked about the lows. Today, we’re going to talk about the highs.

President Monson

As always, these rankings are authoritative.

  1. When the guy protesting at Temple Square agreed to pray about the Book of Mormon
  2. That time you got translated in Portuguese
  3. The time it looked like President Uchtdorf was emitting visible light, even though it was just his hair
  4. That time Pres. Packer gave all attendees a little sculpture of a baby owl
  5. The time you could see my shoulder in one of the photos in the May Ensign
  6. When you had your scriptures open and the talk mentioned a scripture ON THAT PAGE and you looked at Elder Scott and he looked at you and you just KNEW
  7. When Elder Nelson made it extremely clear that all women should be home making donuts for the men during Priesthood meeting
  8. That time they cancelled conference to go help some people crossing the Plains
  9. The time chorister chewed out a group of 70s for leading into the chorus of “Called to Serve” with that “oooooOOOOOOOHHHH!” thing
  10. That time they sang ‘Adam-Ondi-Ahman’ and you looked with joy at your friends because that’s your favorite hymn and they NEVER SING IT!
  11. The time when you could see the words backwards in the transparent teleprompter, and you discovered a hidden message about Ovaltine in Elder Haight’s talk
  12. That time the Seventy gave a talk and it was super awkward because the text of it in the Ensign was totally different
  13. That time the Seventy gave a talk and it was super awkward because the text of it in the Ensign was exactly the same
  14. That time you shook hands with that member of the Primary Presidency, can’t remember her name, but she is just really great
  15. That time the garbage trucks arrived just in time for the Priesthood session
  16. When they said exactly what I* needed to hear

    *my spouse

  17. When Pres. Benson brandished the Sword of Laban at the Tanners
  18. Saturday session
  19. The time when no one defended the family


  1. #11, lol. Good memories of that chorister in the MTC.

  2. Angela C says:

    #17 is every time I think. Unfortunately, #1 is not going to be 2015 I suspect.

  3. Few more options:

    -That time President Monson shared that awesome story about widows

    -That time you were a missionary and you had an investigor attend three sessions of conference, which meant you got to record that they attended Church 3 times. (elgible for baptism!)

    -That time President Uchdorf winked at you

    -That time you went fishing

  4. Scott B. says:

    Right on, Bonjo. Glad someone other than me got a kick out of that dude.

  5. Number 8 is probably my favorite conference talk.

  6. “When Pres. Benson brandished the Sword of Laban at the Tanners” Funny enough, this was the same fondue dinner Lou Midgley interrupted.

  7. Ben, that was so rude of Lou.

  8. Awesome work. Thanks for the laughs.

  9. Never forget says:

    #11- “We do not stand for the hymns of Zion unless instructed to do so by the presiding priesthood authority.” Every meeting in the MTC in building 17. Every time.

  10. So, SO funny. Thank you!

  11. Rigel Hawthorne says:

    That time in 2011 when Elder Quentin Cook made that interdenominational overture to the Community of Christ by emphatically announcing, “RLDS WOMEN ARE INCREDIBLE!”

  12. Ben P, I thought you said windows, and that is for reals my favourite Pres Monson story

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