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Have you seen this? It’s a survey from the BYUSA Student Advisory Council regarding the dress and grooming portion of the Honor Code. You’ll notice that this survey never actually asks for student attitudes toward the Honor Code; it seems to be more about figuring out where the dress standards could be enforced more strictly and nudging students (“If you feel that it is appropriate”) to provide specific violations. I do not encourage you to click that link and troll the completely anonymous survey; it was no fun at all. Not one bit.



It starts with general questions like participant’s sex (except they call it gender, of course), year in school, and home country. Then it starts to get good.

how well

I read the above question four times and still didn’t quite understand it, so my answer reflects that.



You mean on-campus, right? 90%.



Wait, daily attire, underlined? Maybe we’re not talking about on-campus after all. “Sometimes.”



Except for when I’m overdue for an upper lip tweeze, amiright ladies??



Personally? Not at all. Academically? Very.


Enough of that, bring on the open-ended questions!






what 3




13 14 15


  1. Third Prize is you’re fired.

  2. Jen Galan says:

    Wait–I graduated ten years ago. Am I STILL being held to the dress and grooming standards? My children were all conceived in grooming violation sin!!

  3. sgnm FTW.

  4. Kevin Barney says:

    “Female-gendered students” FTW.

  5. Msrk Brown says:

    HAHAHA, good one, Jessie!! But you’re a day late with this gag.

    This cannot possibly be real.

  6. If it is not real, someone wasted a lot of time putting together a fake survey.

  7. Angela C says:

    Yes, they wasted a lot of time, but at least not a lot of brain power or editing skills.

  8. Bryan S. says:

    Someone posted their own on imgur a few days ago.

    So BYU sent me an Honor Code survey today. Answered honestly.

    “Wait–I graduated ten years ago. Am I STILL being held to the dress and grooming standards? My children were all conceived in grooming violation sin!!”

    When I was at BYU at some devotional the speaker told us that the BYU honor code was a commitment for life. Yeah, not happening.

  9. Well, I, for one? was completely taken in. I have no hesitation believing that the BYU administration’s attitudes and approach are exactly what is represented by these questions. Worse, about 80% of my peers (HP since 1979, so little up-close interaction with the younger set) in HP class would endorse such attitudes. They love drinking the Kool-Aid.

  10. It is a real survey. They changed it so that it can be taken by invitation only.

  11. One fall I returned to Provo after living in SLC for the summer. In a chat with my BYU bishop he asked, “did anything happen over the summer that I need to know about?” I responded, jokingly, “well, I lived in an apartment complex that was co-ed.” He then said, “actually that is a problem because you are expected to live in BYU-approved-type housing year-round.”

    I quickly replied with a “just kidding” and rushed away.

  12. Romni – Well look at that! They sure did! Sorry everyone, the fun’s over.

  13. Angela C says:

    As an alumnus, I’m pretty sure they can take away my birthday for punking that survey. But I didn’t let that stop me.

  14. I prayed for my facial hair to stop growing, but instead I found my keys.

  15. Okay. That got a silent chuckle.

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