#BikeToChurch Week 3: PeterLLC in Vienna, Austria!


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Bike to Church Month continues at ByCommonConsent. Join the invigorating, meditative practice of biking to church, doing yourself and the environment a favor! Send us your pics at sisterblah2@gmail.com, or tweet @bycommonconsent #biketochurch. This week we visit BCC’s own Peter LLC in Vienna, Austria. Looking great after a 7km ride with daughter aboard. Bonus points awarded for getting the church’s standard welcome sign in the shot. Thanks, Peter! 

In case you missed it, last week Heather tweeted this fantastic shot. She is a rock star, taking all three kids in her cargo bike!


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  1. Well done Peter! Personally, I’m waiting for skate to church month.

  2. Heather the biking Rock Star indeed. She’s in my ward and I can vouch for her year round bona fides. Granted the weather here in Oakland is mild, but we meet on “temple hill” and it’s really a hill.

  3. cookie queen says:

    Does biking being our religion count for anything?

  4. Thanks, John. I bet you have a pretty sweet hill bomb on the way to church.

  5. Ah, Böcklinstrasse 55!

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