Week 4 of #BikeToChurch Month

Jason and Hannah

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We’re celebrating the 4th Sunday of Bike to Church Month at ByCommoConsent. Today we have Hannah and her dad Jason of Eugene, Oregon. They ride a Co-Motion tandem bike to church. Thanks for checking in, Hannah and Jason!

There’s just one more Sunday in our month-long celebration, so hop on your bikes and send us pics! Share with us by commenting, emailing sisterblah2@gmail.com, or tweeting @bycommonconsent #biketochurch. 

Last week we featured Heather, who lives a car-free lifestyle including taking three kids to church in a cargo bike. Last Sunday, she was greeted by newly installed bike racks at her ward meetinghouse, something she had requested. Congratulations and great work, Heather!



  1. How much of a response are you getting? Is there a place to see all the photos submitted? We sent one from Valencia, but our internet is muy mal, so it might have gotten clogged somewhere….

  2. Hi Lori, I got it and it will go up next week! This post was already written and scheduled before your email. I was going to update it with yours, but thought we’d give you your own day next week!

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