Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning


To poach from a friend, this is a vignette of the sweetness of Mormon life.

Walking to church, the air is warm with a gentle breeze. My young son walks next to me, holding my hand and singing, “Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime”. He has invented some new lyrics. The day is beautiful.

In Priesthood opening exercises, we sing “Have I Done Any Good”, slow enough for it to take on funereal overtones. An older high priest offers advice on irrigation in light of current weather. The bishop asks that we all look out for our neighbors in light of recent suspicious goings-on in the neighborhood. The deacons look nervous. An older man’s phone rings, the ring tone is the theme from Superman.

Later today, I’ll teach the youth on how to better appreciate covenants. I think about my own covenants. The lesson will be about our lds covenants but also the ancient covenants made between God and his people. This, in turn, makes me think of the Ark of the Covenant and now I just want to show Raiders in class. I probably won’t. My bag is packed with skittles to ply the class with sugar. The day is beautiful.

It’s good to be Mormon. Sometimes, it’s the best thing in the world.


  1. Thanks for adding to the beauty, Steve.

    Is that Snuffleupagus in the background?

  2. They don’t exist, obviously.

  3. Kevin Barney says:

    I always like “sweetness of Mormon life” posts. Thanks for this one.

  4. Joshua G. H. Smith says:

    Good man Steve, well done.

  5. Wonderful. Thank you.

  6. Adam, to paraphrase Peter Cetera, you’re my inspiration.

  7. Joey Kozlowski says:

    Amen, Brother!

  8. In one sense, that is true, but I thought you were perhaps using a still from a television show or movie.

    My apologies.

  9. Oh — no. I took that picture on the way to church. Not bad for a phone camera shot!

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