Matching @Oxfam Gifts for Syria

Hopefully by now you’ve seen the devastating effects of the war in Syria – thousands dead, millions displaced and desperate. Children destroyed by bombs and chemical weapons. Children dead on beaches in attempts to find refuge. Thousands huddled in tent cities across the Middle East and Europe. We are witnessing a horror.

All of our efforts are drops in a bucket, but I’d rather put my drop into a bucket than to not do anything at all. For today, BCC will match your donations to Oxfam. Here’s a link to donate. Email us at admin -at- bycommonconsent and let us know.

** Update ** – thanks to all for your donations. We feel honored to witness your generosity.


  1. Done. Come on people. Get your wallets out and leave a note. You can do something useful. The chance to put BCCers into bankruptcy is just icing on the cake.

  2. it's a series of tubes says:

    Done. Thanks for the opportunity and reminder to add my drop.

  3. My email won’t go through.

  4. Done. Thank you.

  5. I’m in.

  6. Mette, not sure why it’s not going through. You can DM us on twitter.

  7. Done. Thanks for highlighting this.

  8. Mette’s email probably didn’t go through because it needs to go to I had the same problem initially because I just copied and pasted from the OP and forgot to add the .com

  9. the other Marie says:

    Also, thanks for doing this.

  10. Done. Thank you.

  11. Do you guys have a limit (individually or as a group)? I’d like to spread the word but don’t want to accidentally cause financial worry for anyone.

  12. We haven’t discussed a limit. We’re just chipping in where we can as individuals.

  13. I see. Thanks, and thanks for the thoughtful posts as well.

  14. Tod Robbins is leading a fast for Syria on Sunday — I’d like to donate to Oxfam then. Any chance that BCC might see fit to extend the period of their matching?

  15. Sorry Christian. We’re not made of money!

  16. Sue Bergin says:


  17. Done.

  18. I donated $35, please match.

  19. Done. God bless you!

  20. Cool–huge props to you all for taking out 2nd mortgages. Seriously, very cool stuff here folks.

  21. Please match my $35 donation. It’s not much but maybe it helps some.

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