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BCCKnopeWe’re excited to announce the (beta) launch of the BCC Weekly Intelligencer newsletter, which shall distil upon your inbox as the dews of heaven. Each week, we’ll send you a fresh batch of By Common Consent posts, along with stuff we’re reading around the web. It’ll be a grab bag of our favorite comments, LDS news, tweets from #TwitterStake, upcoming events, and who knows what else.

Sounds good, right? You need this in your life. Subscribe here, and share with a friend.


  1. BCC: selling your email address to Living Scriptures since 2015.

  2. Newsletters are SO hawt right now.

  3. I mean, we had to monetize at some point. Hope you like acai juice.

  4. I was hoping for something more along the lines of essential oils.

  5. Spam on!

  6. Why would we need this if we read BCC and other stuff on the bloggernacle regularly?

  7. You don’t!

  8. This is a cool idea. Love to have a digest of the best.

  9. I’m mostly excited about the who knows what else.

  10. Me too Angela. Because WHO KNOWS??

  11. I would like to order two Lorenzo Snowcone makers. Can I get it gift wrapped as well?

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