New Permablogger: Ashmae

We’re very pleased to welcome Ashmae Hoiland aboard as the newest member of the BCC family. She’s a creative, thoughtful person, abuzz with exciting ideas—see her recently completed Kickstarter, We Brave Women, and the website collecting her art. On the basis of her two excellent guest posts (here and here), we expect many good things to come.


  1. Welcome, Ashmae! We’re excited to have you on board!

  2. Excited to have you aboard!

  3. Wonderful news!

  4. Three cheers!

  5. Oh man, this is exciting. Ashme I’m hoping you’ll share some or your visual art with us as you continue to share some of the really beautiful posts we’ve seen so far.

  6. Loved your two guestposts Ashmae! I’m looking forward to reading more!

  7. Where is the like button?

  8. Really stoked to have you join us!

  9. thank you, everyone! Steve, I hadn’t thought about incorporation visual art here, but that has so many wheels turning.

  10. Kevin Barney says:

    Love the picture! Welcome.

  11. Welcome!

  12. John Mansfield says:

    Her clean, deliberate writing is a refreshing delight. It is nice to run into it.

  13. Indeed. I’m really hoping to see some of your visual art, too!

  14. Welcome! So incredibly happy to have you here!

  15. Howdy! Great to have you here.

  16. Mark Brown says:

    I’m very happy about this.

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