Yet I have hope

This guest post is from Christian Harrison, who is an urban enthusiast, a professional storyteller, and a man of faith—a practicing member of the Church. He’s also gay. 

trekAs I lay here this morning, awash in a flood of emotion — shock, dismay, disappointment, fear — I am coming to the idea that last night’s policy announcement was a profound (and utterly disquieting) betrayal. Not the hot betrayal of animus… but the cold betrayal of studied indifference.

Yes, it feels like animus. It looks like animus… but it smells like the well-oiled machinery of an inhuman bureaucracy—grinding away. And this morning, I am mustering what strength I have to whisper to myself “the worm forgives the plough”.

* * *

To my friends who have left and to my friends who are now leaving: I understand; being a part of the Kingdom of God isn’t supposed to hurt this much. You’ll be sorely missed—perhaps not by shepherds who should know better, but by me, at least… and by others, who notice when virtue goes out of them.

* * *

I’ve said, elsewhere, that being a Mormon is a choice I make every day. Today is a hard day to choose… but today I choose to stay. The Church is traveling thru new territory… and the roads out here can be brutal. Last night, our wagon lost a wheel.

Yet I have hope. The promised land is out there. A land where the full spectrum of godly love is embraced… Where families of all stripes are nurtured by the good word of God, as they go about magnifying their holy calling.

To borrow a phrase from our cousins in faith: Next year in Jerusalem.

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