16 Reasons Why Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is the Best Movie Ever Made


1. Kevin Costner, so in his prime he doesn’t even bother with a British accent!


2. Mystical Muslim Morgan Freeman! Delivering a breech baby!

3. A tree village! With running water!

4. Bryan Adams!

5. A soundtrack that’s still played on every other movie trailer! With tons of french horns!


6. Snape at his scene-chewing best!

7. A witch!

8. A devil-worshipping cult of assassins!

9. England’s first taste of gunpowder!

10. A drunk priest! Who takes out a greedy bishop!


11. Pouty Christian Slater!…

12. …as a plot twist!

13. Mercenary barbarians, many of whom are female!


14. Fiery catapults!

15. Costner shows his bum! [On further research, turns out it’s a butt double -ed]

16. Freedom! At least until the king comes home. But the king is Sean Connery!




  1. The two-arrow shot in the final battle is the part I remember most.

  2. There are no good Robin Hood movies.

  3. I didn’t say it’s a good movie, RJH. I said it’s the BEST movie.

  4. Will Scarlett: No. I’ll do that. You cover us with your bow.
    Robin Hood: No Will. It’s too dangerous.
    Will Scarlett: So is your aim.

  5. Dreadful. Also, jokey rape scene.

  6. I have a brother? I have a brother!

  7. All of your reasons are valid, but everyone knows that “Robin and Marian” with Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery is the greatest Robin Hood movie ever. Jaws Shark Fisherman Robert Shaw as Sheriff of Nottingham? Check. No worries about King Richard? Check. Audrey Hepburn, because, you know, Audrey Hepburn? Check. Sean Connery brushing his teeth with a tree branch? Check. Overweight, out-of-shape, and over-the-hill Robin and Sheriff duking it out with broadswords? Check.

  8. Clark Goble says:

    RJH, the Disney animated Robin Hood as a fox disputes that. (With the best Disney theme song ever)

  9. The Other Clark says:

    Glad to see these rankings arent authoritative, because Disney animated Robin Hood is the bomb. Also Errol Flynn is more Robin Hood than Costner and Elwes combined.

  10. The musical score has a fishy similarity to the music in an earlier Costner extravaganza, Silverado. Especially when the drunken horns start up. When you think you’re hearing Prince of Thieves in those movie trailers, it may actually be Silverado. But Silverado isn’t quite the cheese bomb that Prince of Thieves is. So Prince of Thieves is still the best.

  11. Larry the Cable Guy says:

    At least I didn’t use a spoon.

  12. No Mormon in their right mind would declare any Robin Hood movie as the greatest if it wasn’t “Men in Tights.” It has to be the one true movie since Wesley from the Princess Bride (Cary Elwes) plays Robin. Maid Marian and a chastity belt and Patrick Stewart (Richard) declaring there is no sex before marriage?

    Come on. This ranks up there with The Singles Ward and Napoleon Dynamite as one of the Mormon greats.

  13. RJH,

    Thoughts on the Russell Crowe Robin Hood?

    I am looking to use Robin Hood as a fictional portrayal of feudalism, but the film selection is poor apparently.

    Also, does anyone have a novel of Robin Hood (or anything with a similar theme or time period) that they would recommend? Looking for something for 7th graders, though the reading level is more 5th to 6th grade. Would be part of a history class.
    (Clearly this is not consistent with the spirit of the post, but I appreciate the help).

  14. it's a series of tubes says:

    The historical purists here may cringe, but I really enjoyed “Below the Salt” by Thomas Costain as a teenager.

    Magna Carta era historical fiction.

  15. I have stood beneath the tree at Hadrian’s Wall where Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman hang out. It was magical.

  16. I hear it’s a great place for deer hunting too…

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