More Love

It has been a hard week. It can’t be wrong to repost this.


More love, more love!

The heavens are blessing,
the angels are calling.
O Zion, more love, more love.

If ye love not each other in daily communion,
how can you love God whom you have not seen?

More love, more love,
O Zion, more love.


  1. Yes.

  2. Jason K. says:

    Thank you, Kristine. More love, more love!

  3. Steve Evans says:


  4. says:

    Wonder if Kate Kelly and John Dehlin are feeling it?

  5. I’m processing this whole thing. A few Dehlin podcasts really helped me navigate my faith transition and anchor my testimony in the Gospel . . . . feeling a little lost right now.

  6. Amen

  7. “And Enoch said unto the Lord: How is it that thou canst weep, seeing thou art holy, and from all eternity to all eternity?…The Lord said unto Enoch: Behold these thy brethren; they are the workmanship of mine own hands, and I gave unto them their knowledge, in the day I created them…And unto thy brethren have I said, and also given commandment, that they should love one another.” (Moses 7:29, 32, 33)

  8. You always know how to heal a hurting heart with poetry and music. Thank you, Kristine.

  9. Beautiful

  10. I started crying again with this music. Thanks, Kristine.

  11. Amen.

  12. I thought I was done crying, at least for today. Yes, more love. Please.

  13. Sara C. says:


  14. Thanks, Kristine. Feeling a bit heartbroken. Thanks for this.

  15. John has personally helped me stay in the church.

    It’s disappointing and sad to me that the church finds him to be unwanted in the church.

    I wonder what that says about if I am truly wanted.

  16. Jay, I think a lot of us are right there with you.

  17. After two years of reparative therapy, my son called it quits. I also started to question the counsel we’d been receiving, and thus began our faith crisis. John brought hope and peace to both of us during a heart wrenching time of life. Thank you, John! I’m just so very sad about all of this.

  18. gillsyk says:

    Thanks Kristine, from another hearbroken soul.

  19. Angela C says:

    “I wonder what that says about if I am truly wanted.” Yes, this.

  20. When are we going to stop acting like such losers and turn up the heat in order to demonstrate that this sort of behavior among our church’s leaders isn’t accepted in the civilized world.

  21. Olde Skool says:

    Amen. Thank you.

  22. I’ve spent the day working. Without checking in on the internet. Now, at almost midnight, I discover what feels like a gruesome scene splattered across my Facebook feed. Blood and tears everywhere. Someone in power is brandishing the proverbial hatchet, ready to dismember the body of Christ. I’m horrified. Maybe that sounds dramatic, but that’s how it feels. Then I come here. . . maybe I will sleep now. Thanks, Kristine.

  23. mjbigelow says:

    My apologies for the ignorance, buy why has it been a hard week? I can’t find anything in the news or other LDS blogs…

  24. This is a repost from June 11, 2014 — the reasons that was a hard week are likely different from the reasons Kristine reposted this now in response to another hard week.

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