May is #BikeToChurch Month at BCC

Happy May Day, and welcome to ByCommonConsent’s 2nd annual Bike To Church Month!


Join us and churchgoers around the globe as we enjoy some of the many benefits of biking to church:

  • Lower carbon footprint than cars
  • Feeling energized upon arriving at church
  • Enjoy and experience gratitude for God’s creation on the way church: trees, birds, flowers, squirrels, fresh air
  • Form a closer connection with your neighborhood than is possible when speeding past in a car–notice individual homes and businesses, immerse yourself in sights and sounds, take smaller/quieter streets than your car route
  • Personal health and wellness
  • Set a good example for your family, children, friends, neighbors, or ward members
  • Try something different for a change!
  • If you’re lucky, meet others in your ward who are already riding to church

Like last year, we would love for you to take pictures of yourself celebrating #BikeToChurch month and share them with us! Tweet them at @bycommonconsent hashtag #BikeToChurch, post to Instagram (I’m sisterblah2), link to them in the comments below, or email me at


  1. One of the most Mormon things anyone can ever do is ride a bicycle in Church clothes. Embrace your culture folks.

  2. Jason K. says:

    We live close enough to walk, so we did that this morning and again this afternoon for choir. That way I got to pause and enjoy our neighbor’s irises!

  3. I biked to church today! Normally we take the bus on Fast Sundays because of fasting, but my husband was sick so I went by myself and I don’t fast (breastfeeding reasons). So I biked! I go a lot faster when I’m not carting all the kids up to church on my bike.

  4. RL, it’s not just a church thing—I see plenty of people (not all of them bearded hipsters) riding to work during the week, a not-insignificant portion in business casual or business dress.

    And yes, we biked to church today. Our only problem is this: our church meets at a public school and, for some unfathomable reason, the school doesn’t have a bike rack. So we lock our bikes to a fence.

  5. “the school doesn’t have a bike rack”


  6. Mark B. says:

    It’s a six-block walk, and an eight-block bike ride–one-way streets will do that. So I walked, as I have for two decades.

  7. We walk and enjoy that.

  8. Cynthia, I know. Also, there’s a huge playground out back; yesterday, we saw a family ahead of us also biking to the school. We saw them start to circle the school, looking, we assume, for bike racks that we knew they wouldn’t find. No idea if they were going to church or going to the playground, but either way, no bike racks at an elementary school is crazy.

  9. How do you keep from being sweaty and smelly when you arrive? Bike really slowly?

  10. Paws, yes. Leave early when it’s cooler; take it easy; arrive early enough to cool down; don’t mind being a little sweaty.

  11. Our building also has no bike racks and my family risks leaving them outside but many others fill our coat closets with their bikes. And hover boards. Considering we are still in coat weather in upstate NY, it’s inconvenient.

  12. paws: what gst said. The key is going slowly. Also, look for streets that have tree cover if possible, and be willing to go out of your way somewhat to get to them.

  13. studebaker says:

    What does everyone do with their bike when they get to church? I mentioned to a ward member I was going to be biking to church and he pretty much dismissed the idea (one reason being what to do with a bike when you get there)

  14. @studebaker The Berkeley ward brings their bikes inside and leaves them in the cultural hall. I’m in the Oakland ward and I petitioned for bike racks up at the building, so they are there now!

  15. studebaker, I’m sure there’s a place in the building where you could stash it. Or lock it up to a tree or pole or fence etc. You could also lobby your local leadership to install bike racks. We had a BCC reader doing that last year, and during Bike to Church Month they were able to report that they did get some installed!