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Bushman-RichardI started my first podcast from scratch six years ago after cajoling FAIR—now FairMormon—into sponsoring it (meaning they paid for the webhosting and the show carried their name). I started from scratch and I was thrilled when Richard Bushman agreed to be on that unknown show. He appeared in episodes 3 and 4. You can tell from the sound quality, if not from my nascent interview skills, what sort of popsicle stand I was operating at the time, but Richard’s candor, gentleness, and intelligence is evident throughout. He played a pretty substantial part in my then-growing interest in history. I owe a lot to him, and I’m glad I’ve been in a position to let him know that.

Chances are, many BCC readers have been impacted by Richard’s work, perhaps Rough Stone Rolling most of all, but also in many lesser known ways. Now’s your chance to express your gratitude.

This summer the Maxwell Institute is holding a scholars’ colloquium in honor of Richard where a number of excellent speakers will address teaching and the academy. We’re gathering letters of thanks from from admirers, students, colleagues, and others which will be placed in a Book of Gratitude for Richard.

Letters don’t need to be long. Take a minute to write him a note of gratitude.


—Your name

—How you know Richard (personally, through his scholarship, etc.)

—Memories and/or expressions of gratitude (even brief notes are welcome)


DUE: May 31


Please help spread the word.


  1. Stir Fry says:

    May we express our gratitude publicly right here, along with a few gentle questions for him (recognizing that this post is meant to be one of thanks)?

  2. Sue Raynes says:

    Thank you. Met you and your incredible wife last May at Affirmation, Palmyra. Thank you for giving our community hope.

  3. Kevin Barney says:


  4. BHodges says:

    Stir Fry: Not really. I don’t know that Richard spends a lot of time reading the blogs. (Could be wrong.)

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