May is #BikeToChurch Month–even on Mother’s Day!

Bike to Church Month continues here at By Common Consent blog. This week we feature the completely car-free Farley family of Oakland, CA, @maryaagard of Boise, ID rocking her Mother’s Day corsage, and BCC’s own Sam Brunson of Chicago, IL. Keep biking to church all month long in May (and beyond!), and send us your pics on Twitter @bycommonconsent #BikeToChurch, Instagram (I’m sisterblah2), or email




  1. I don’t know how Brunson remains upright with that top-heavy full Windsor knot.

  2. Farley Family says:

    We’re in Oakland, not Berkeley, though the Berkeley ward is closer and with fewer hills bike-wise. It’d actually be a way better choice to go to that ward.

  3. Fixed, sorry!

  4. gst, being a not-terribly-tall person, anything less than a full Windsor is going to let the tie dangle way, way beyond my belt. So I work on my balance during the week in anticipation of Sunday biking.

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