Mormon Theology Seminar: Conference Program

This summer’s Mormon Theology Seminar—in cooperation with the Laura F. Willes Center for Book of Mormon Students, the Maxwell Institute, and BYU’s Wheatley Institution—will hold its concluding conference on Wednesday, June 15, at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California.

Join us in the Chapel of the Great Commission, The Graduate Theological Union, 1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709.

For those interested in attending, the conference is free and open to the public. This year’s text is Alma 12:19-13:20. I’ve included the conference program below:

9:00-9:15, Adam Miller, Opening Remarks

9:15-10:00, Matthew Bowman, “The Profession of Nehor and the Holy Order of God: Theology and Society in Ammonihah”

10:00-10:45, Kristeen Black, “A Capacious Priesthood and the Life of Holiness”

10:45-11:00, Break

11:00-11:45, Rosemary Demos, “The Errand of Angels: Glory and the Holy Order in Alma 12-13”

11:45-12:30, Adam Miller, “A Preparatory Redemption”

12:30-2:00, Lunch

2:00-2:45, Sheila Taylor, “The Mercy of God, the Wrath of God, the Rest of God”

2:45-3:30, Joseph Spencer, “Seams and Cracks and Fragments: Notes on the Human Condition”

3:30-3:45, Break

3:45-4:30, Bridget Jeffries, “Called and Ordained: Alma’s Priesthood of All Believers” 

4:30-5:15, David Gore, “Theology as Communication: Conversing and Calling in Alma 13” 

5:15-6:00, Bob Rees, “The Heart of and In Alma 12-13”


  1. Buendia says:

    Will the presenters make their materials available to those who cannot attend?

  2. Ryan Mullen says:

    Alma 13 has long mystified me. Very interested in your findings.

  3. hope it went well today. excited to read what comes of all of this.

  4. Sad I JUST saw this!!! My Bay Area family would have enjoyed this!

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