Quick Note About Nov. 5

screen-shot-2015-11-06-at-11-00-03-amThis November 5th marks the anniversary of the Church policy regarding LGBT members.  We’ll be posting some thoughts and experiences from guests.  Thanks, and we hope you have a good weekend.


  1. I’m fasting today as an expression of mourning and penance.

  2. I don’t think that would be inappropriate.

  3. Yes, that sounds right — it’s fast Sunday tomorrow and fasting for mourning and penance is a good way to commemorate this. We often don’t think of those purposes of fasting.

  4. Great suggestion, Edward.

  5. I also fasted. It seemed like the least I could do. Also prepared a lesson for EQ to be compassionate to ourselves and others when our faith wavers or changes in a area of the gospel

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