Exit Poll: Choosing between Pest and Cholera


Decisively punched chad (Source)

Today’s the (last) day–time to make your choice if you want to secure complaining rights for the next four years! But easier said than done, right? Never before–if my carefully calibrated social media feeds are any indication–has the presidential election posed such a dilemma to women and men of faith. It seems that both candidates from the major parties are morally flawed–some claim in distressingly equal measure–but we also know that single-member district plurality voting systems raise nearly insurmountable barriers to third-party candidates–a vote for them may appease your conscience but it won’t elect a president.

So what does a good Mormon do? Well, as a wise man once said, “you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.” You’re stuck with the two-partyish system we have and now it’s time to take the plunge. Once you’ve discharged your civic duty, drop by the BCC with chips and guac and let us know how it went.


  1. Mark Nichols says:

    And yet, by the end of the night, it’s fully expected that Utah’s EC votes will end up going to Trump. What the heck, Utah?

  2. “You’re stuck with the two-partyish system we have and now it’s time to take the plunge. ”

    The only way to un-stick ourselves from a two-party system is to vote for 3rd party candidates. There is no reasonable way to make it happen outside of election season. You can’t legislate it, and the only time it is a topic is during the election season. If you hate the choices now and would like to have another option, then vote for another option! I hate both Donald and Hilary, and am not terribly thrilled with any of the 3rd party options. I’ll not be voting for president, but voting to end the two-party system.

  3. Jax, that and change the way elections are held. See, for example, Duverger’s law.

  4. Correct. We need more than two or three parties. It will never happen because the DemonCraps and RePukecons are corrupt and control who will run and when.

    Wikileaks emails showed Clinton was going to win the Democrat party nomination long before the convention and that Sanders was in on the ruse to make it look like a fair runoff. Sanders was paid handsomely to play along with defrauding Democrat voters.

    Wikileaks emails also show how corrupt and violent the Clinton machine really is and how corrupt the Democrats are. The Republicans are not much better.

    The Republicans had Jeb Bush picked to run against Clinton but Trump put a monkey wrench in that plan.

    Between Bush and Clinton – either one would work because they had the same agenda – the Uniparty agenda. The DemonCraps and RePukecons are one party working to destroy the country. That is the main reason why they fought against Trump. They are scared of their taxpayer gravy train trough drying up, afraid of going to jail for their blatant corruption, afraid of losing the New World Order of Communism Globalism.

    Trump needs to win to keep America from falling to communism, to keep America free.

    Communism is anti Biblical and anti Christian. Clinton is a Communist. Her mentors are Communist Saul Alinsky who worshipped the Devil, and Senator Robert Byrd Grand Dragon of the KKK. The Archives for Arkansas has letters Clinton wrote to Alinsky and reveals Clinton’s devotion to Alinsky, who advocated for violence to overthrow governments, which is exactly what Clinton has done.

  5. Third party considerations are tough. In addition to the Democrats and Republicans, my ballot had Green; Libertarian; Constitution; Courage, Character Service; It’s Our Children; Life, Family, Constitution; Loyal, Trustworthy, Compassion; Socialism and Liberation; Socialism Equality Anti-War; Socialist Worker; and Veterans. Thirteen options in all, with really only two having a snowball’s chance. If I perceived even the slightest consideration of the minor candidates by the rest of the country, I may have opted to vote third party.

  6. That comment from In AZ shows why America is a very scary place to live sometimes. People believe that kind of stuff and work right next to you in cubicle farms and carry weapons, sometimes concealed carry. What if this person knows you support Hillary Clinton and therefore believes you are a “communist” and devil worshipper according to his/her insane paradigm? Why would he/she not try to “save” America by taking action with his/her concealed carry against you?

  7. Catherine Mokede says:

    A small bit of election day humor. I thought the subject line worth the price of admission.

    I hope it is a calm and peaceful day in your home if not in the country.


  8. Thank you, Catherine. Peace be unto you as well.

  9. You can’t be a Commie and a member of the KKK at the same time.

  10. Yes, john f., a certain subset of the so-called “second amendment people” consider themselves the self-appointed saviors of the united states. This notion expressed by In AZ that a vote for Trump is a vote for conservatism is divorced from reality. He is neither conservative nor liberal, or he is both conservative and liberal. On almost every issue, he’s espoused almost every variation of every position, whatever happens to be convenient. His positions are ever-changing to the point of meaninglessness. A vote for him is not a vote for conservatism, it’s a vote for nihilism.
    The only constants are cruelty, avarice, pride, disdain for just about anyone other than autocratic strongmen, and unrepentance.

    I’m no great fan of Clinton, either. She’s ridiculously qualified, but she’s got her own issues. In spite of them, though, this is not a hard choice.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  11. If you know any swing state nevertrumpers considering a third party, please consider letting them know that they have a legal first amendment right to “swap” their votes with Hillary voters in safe states.


    Currently there are a lots of safe state Hillary supporters on these sites who would love to (say) vote for McMullin in California in exchange for somebody else agreeing to vote Hillary in Arizona.

  12. Clark Goble says:

    Tim the problem with “swapping votes” is that of course there’s no guarantee the person you swap with will vote that way in the voting booth.

  13. Clark Goble says:

    Mark, of course the KGB infiltrated white supremacist organizations to sow discord in America. Even ignoring contemporary Russia (where Putin despite loving the USSR doesn’t seem like a doctrinaire communist) there’s overwhelming evidence of the relationship. Even when they weren’t funding destabilizing movements they’d do things like fake radical letters from the KKK to various newspapers. (They were very well done and no one suspected the KGB until the archives were opened in the 90’s prior to the rise of Putin)

    The most famous KGB spy tied to the KKK was John Walker in the 70’s. He was also involved with the John Birch society.


  14. Yes, vote swapping involves an element of trust. But my guess is that vote swap fraud (like vote fraud in general) is pretty rare. And you can always request video phone chats and ballot selfies (which are legal in some states) if you’re paranoid about that.

    Moreover, at the vote swap sites, there is currently a large surplus of Hillary supporters in safe states offering to swap. Given that, I’m not sure what incentive somebody would have to make a deal with you online and say “Okay I’ll vote for Gary Johnson in California if you vote for Hillary in your swing state” and then not actually vote for Gary Johnson in California. It would have to be somebody with a weird personal reason for wanting to keep down Gary Johnson’s vote total in California.

  15. I live in CA, have historically voted primarily Republican, and, like many, feel my vote ‘doesn’t count.’ For that reason I voted for a 3rd party candidate as my protest that wouldn’t endanger Trump winning. I suspect there will be many like me.

  16. You’re missing an option: Voted for no one.

  17. And we can officially call Trump the President Elect…

    Truly terrifying! (though President Clinton would have been equally terrifying to me)

  18. On the foreign policy front, I don’t think the terror of any other possible outcome comes close to that posed by the president elect. It’s one thing to drag your own people down to hell, it’s another to take a substantial portion of the world’s population with you. Not that the US has committed no foreign policy sins under previous presidents, including Obama, but an achievement has just been unlocked that is not primed to make the world a better place.

  19. Choosing between Satan and the Antichrist.