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Several people have asked whether or not there would be a general index of all of the posts that were part of my #BOM2016 series this year, which came about when I read the Book of Mormon for the first time in more than 25 years and tried to blog about it from the perspective of a trained literary critic encountering its narratives for the first time. Well, yes. Here are all 45 posts. I trust BCC readers to use these for good, and never for evil.

Introduction: Reading the Book of Mormon Again, for the First time

1 Nephi 1-5: A Book to Kill For
1 Nephi 8: Lehi’s Vision as a Corrective Typology of Eden
1 Nephi 10-14: The Book of Mormon and the Americanization of the Christian Mythos
2 Nephi 1-3: Lehi’s Blessings: The Role of Type Scenes in the Book of Mormon
2 Nephi 5: Laman’s Curse: Etiology and Race in the Book of Mormon
2 Nephi 6-10: We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ
2 Nephi 6-8: 2 Nephi and the Deutero-Isaiah Problem in the Book of Mormon
2 Nephi 12-24: Nephi’s Deseret Island Book: Isaiah 2-14 in a New World Context
2 Nephi 12-24: God Is Good, and that Makes All the Difference
2 Nephi 25-33: Nephi: The Anti-Isaiah

Jacob 1-4: Pride and Polygamy in Jacob’s Temple Discourse
Jacob 5: The Allegory of the Olive Tree and the Conversion of the Jews
Jarom, Omni: Sneaking Out in the Middle of the Night
Mosiah 2-4: Was King Benjamin a Socialist
Mosiah 9-10: Those Wild, Ferocious, and Bloodthirsty Lamanites
Mosiah 18: Alma, the Dunbar Number, and the Waters of Mormon First Ward
Mosiah 18: Alma at the Waters of Mormon
Mosiah 23-24: Nephites at War (Mainly with Themselves)
Mosiah 27: Alma and the Poetics of Conversion
Mosiah 27: Alma the Younger on the Road to Damascus: How the BOM (Re)reads the Bible
Mosiah 29: Nephites and Judges and Kings (Oh My)

Alma 1: Nehor’s Universalism Problem—and Ours
Alma 1: The BOM Anti-Christs and the Possibility of Sincere Religious Dissent
Alma 1-2: Religious Liberty and Persecution in the Era of Nephite Privilege
Alma 3-4: The Amlicite Revolution and the Problem of Religious Majoritarianism
Alma 5: A Mighty Change of Heart
Alma 8-14: Alma in Ammonihah: The Church-State Conflict that Won’t Go Away
Alma 9-20: Changing Hearts and Minds: Why Alma’s Mission Failed while Ammon’s Succeeded
Alma 23-24: What Were the “Anti-Nephi-Lehies” Against and Why Does It Matter Today
Alma 31: Rameumptom
Alma 39-42: King David, Corianton, and Sex
Alma 43: The Second Post on Etiology and Race in the Book of Mormon
Alma 46: Captain Moroni’s “Religious Freedom” Problem—and Ours
Alma 47: How Did Mormon Know That? History and Propaganda in the Amalakiahite War
Alma 48-55: Can We Judge Captain Moroni by Contemporary Moral Standards?

Helaman 1-2: Gadianton, the State, and the Kingdom of God
Helaman 7: Nephi’s Lament and the Perils of Historiolatry
Helaman 13-15: Samuel the Lamanite and Who We Call a Prophet
3 Nephi 2: Seven Ways of Looking at a Lamanite
3 Nephi 12-14: The Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon at the Temple
4th Nephi: Economic Inequality and the Tragedy of 4th Nephi
Mormon: Meeting Mormon
Ether: We’ve Seen this Show Before (and We Will See It All Again)
Moroni: Moroni’s Message in a Bottle: How to (Re)Build a Church


  1. Thanks for this, Mike. It’s been a great series. What’s next?

  2. Disneyland.

  3. I echo the thanks. I can’t tell you how refreshing it has been to re-read the BOM with this new perspective! Whatever my own thoughts are about the Book, its origins, and it being what it claims to be, I’ve gained an entirely new appreciation for it.

  4. Kevin Barney says:

    I loved the series. This Index will be useful.

  5. I hope Grant and Heather Hardy have seen these posts!

  6. This was a really great series of posts, Mike. Thanks.

  7. Dancer_Esquire says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these posts this year. They have been an excellent resource for me in preparing my gospel doctrine lessons. I’ll miss your thoughtful commentary as we start the new course of study next month.

    Thanks, too, for this index!

  8. Totally Legitimate BCC Management says:


    I know it’s a big request, but I think I speak for everyone here when I say we will double, nay, triple your pay if you continue posting for next year’s study of Doctrine & Covenants. No doubt many of us are starring down the barrel of a year’s worth of trite, dogmatic, GD Lesson’s. That’s not to say those lessons are bad, because that would be uncharitable, still we’d like alternatives.

    In all seriousness though I really appreciated your posts. Sometimes they helped shift my perspective just enough to gain fresh value from the readings, other times they introduced entirely new frameworks for understanding. In several instances your commentary strung together isolated insights I’d had in moments, but failed to flesh-out and connect.

    One of the most rewarding aspects of studying with you this year was sharing some of the ideas you posted with the larger audience of my Ward, many of whom would likely not otherwise have exposure to alternate interpretation of the scriptures we studied. Thank you for taking the time to share so many of your thoughts.

  9. Aaron Brown says:

    Thanks, Michael. I prayed that an index would be created for this series, and I suspect the power of my prayers is what caused it to happen, no matter whatever illusions of free agency you might entertain.

    Aaron B

  10. Grant Hardy says:

    Heather and I have indeed seen these posts and we’ve been impressed. Thanks, Michael, for a number of fresh and insightful readings.

  11. I, too, have gained fresh perspective on the Book of Mormon from these posts. Thanks, Mike!

  12. Thank you, Thank you!

  13. Anon for this one. says:

    I like the way someone up above says GD Lessons. I wonder if that’s a character flaw?

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