Prayer for the First Tuesday in Lent

Most longsuffering Father: as the wilderness of our fast carries us to the limits of our bodies and spirits, let the Holy Spirit lift us with the vision of our beloved Jesus’ body, wounded and stretched out for our sakes, that our memory of him may draw us into closer union with you, the One God, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

For music, here is “Jesu Dulcis Amor Meus,” a chant text attributed to Bernard of Clairvaux:

Latin (both text and translation come from here, which also has a better recording of the chant than anything I could find on YouTube):

Jesu dulcis amor meus,
Ac si praesens sis accedo:
Te complector cum affectu,
Tuorum memor vulnerum.

O quam nudum hic te cerno,
Vulneratum et distentum,
Inquinatum, involutum,
In hoc sacrato tegmine!

Salve caput cruentatum
Spinis cujus dulcis vultus
Immutavit suum florem,
Quem caeli tremit curia.

Salve latus Salvatoris,
Salve mitis apertura,
Super rosam rubicunda,
Medela salutifera

Manus sanctae, vos avete,
Diris clavis perforatae:
Ne repellas me Salvator
De tuis sanctis pedibus.

Sweet Jesus my love, I draw near to you as if you were here: I embrace you with love, mindful of your wounds.

O how I perceive you here naked, wounded and stretched out, soiled and wrapped up in this scared shroud.

Hail head, blood-stained from the thorns, whose dear face has changed its youthful beauty, before whom the court of heaven trembles.

Hail side of the Saviour, hail the gentle wound, redder than the rose, health-giving remedy.

Hail to you, O sacred hands, pierced by hard nails: O Saviour, do not turn me away from your sacred feet.


  1. I love your music selections. So stirring. Thank you.

  2. Jason K. says:

    You’re welcome. I’ve decided to be a bit more adventurous with them for this series than the lectionary project typically has been. More to come!

  3. Please know that I come back again and again to listen to them. I can’t sing to save anyone. Even Happy Birthday is really not good. But touched by music, I am transported. Your selections thrill me.

  4. Jason K. says:

    Thank you; knowing that really heartens me.

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