BCC Secrets

Earlier this week on BCC twitter a bunch of people DM’d us with their secrets – some benign, some not so benign. I don’t really love our oversharing culture, and I don’t know if this will repeat itself again on our twitter account. But the various responses might give us a picture into how we’re all wanderers, all searching, all hurting sometimes. Reading these have given me more compassion and more desire to be kind: in the quiet heart is hidden sorrow that the eye can’t see.


  1. I didn’t know this was happening! I have great secrets!

  2. cesc101 says:

    The numerous layers of things we have piled up, and tagged – layer by layer – Mormonisn makes it impossible to navigate this labyrinth without an external “light”.

    Am grateful that in our very nature, we are configured to want to share our lights.

  3. Kevin Barney says:

    What a great idea. After enough time passes it would be good to repeat the opportunity; I’m sure it was cathartic for those who participated.

  4. Bro. Jones says:

    I want to hug all these people. :(

  5. Bro Jones, I hear you!

  6. Great idea. Hard to read.

  7. “Sometimes it seems like God’s not very nice.”

    Amen to THAT.

  8. MDearest says:

    I have (so far) successfully avoided that Twitter time-suck. Otherwise you’d have another doozy or two. I was ruminating this morning that regarding the things that are broken in our church institution; things that have a heavy impact on the lives of believers, rather than talk about them and make adjustments, we put on a facade that all is well. Instead of fixing things, we pretend it’s not a problem. It’s a ripe environment for secrets. I think God is not to blame for this, He is not the author of all this meanness, so ugly we have to hide it and pretend it’s gone. He allows us the latitude and power to fix it if we will, and to bear the consequences when we won’t.

    And there is a hug in my heart to all those above.

  9. Utahhiker801 says:

    I like this church version of Postsecret.

  10. Thanks to those who were brave enough to share their secrets. Some of these were truly heartbreaking. For those who are hurting, I love you and I am praying for you.

    It’s stories like these that make me less shy about openly advocating for growth in the church. These painful secrets illustrate to me that we haven’t reached Zion yet.

  11. As a Postsecret follower, I’ve noticed a disproportionate number of Mormon postcards. I recognize these voices. Not as particular individuals of course, but as types.
    It is shallow and all too easy to write words on a screen, but I do offer that I read and hear and mourn with all these voices.
    Given that this listing is somewhat revealing about BCC readers, in my small way I resolve to take these hurts into account in comments and contentions in this place, which I value too.

  12. Elizabeth St Dunstan says:

    Amen to so many of these secrets! I’ve often wondered if the anonymity of the internet and our chosen monikers is what makes bloggernacle discussions seem so much more genuine than the ones in Sunday School.

  13. christiankimball, I’ve noted the same thing. Not necessarily overt, but things like pictures of temples, etc. Sometimes I wonder if the number of Mormon secret-sharers is really so high, or if Frank just likes pulling them out of the pile because they resonate for him in some way.

    But then, for that matter, I think there’s a secret underground LDS conspiracy among nationally-syndicated crossword-puzzle writers, too. :)

  14. For the confessor who wasn’t all that excited about living with God in the hereafter: Don’t worry. There’s very little chance you’ll actually spend any time at all with him. Just for this earth, he had about 300 billion children, and since maybe 40 percent of them died before age 8, according to Mormon theology the celestial kingdom will be the largest by far. And we believe God has created numberless worlds. So, do the math.

    Anyway, he supposedly lives on a planet near Kolob, wherever that is, while righteous earthlings will live here on a celestialized earth. It’s not like 150 billion of us, give or take a handful, will be hieing back to Kolob to live in God’s basement apartment. He’s a pretty busy guy and probably has no time to hobnob with all the people in his billions of celestial kingdoms. Maybe he’ll communicate with us through the Spirit or through a white stone or maybe a broadcast email, but we won’t be hanging around the heavenly mansion having eternal family home evening.

  15. it's a series of tubes says:

    Ah, but Wally: infinity / (a really large number) = infinity. There’s plenty to go around :)

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