Prayer on the Anniversary of the June 8 Revelation

O God of freedom, who led the Children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt: as we recall how Pharaoh’s heart hardened to the cries of your people, so do we pray that you will soften our hearts through the Holy Spirit, that we, like your Son, might proclaim liberty to the captive and let the oppressed go free. We give thanks for Spencer W. Kimball, who had the courage to pray through his own prejudice to hear your voice, and we pray for the same courage. We give thanks for Jane Manning James, whose faithful petitions for sealing went too long unheard; tune our ears and hearts, we pray, to the petitions now arising from our African-American sisters and brothers, that we might hear and act. Bring us together, Lord, we pray, into the body of Christ, where, in love, the gifts that we once despised might now at last take their due place, for without them we cannot be the Zion you called us to become. We acknowledge that we have not loved your image in these your children with our whole hearts; for this, for all that we have done that we ought not, and for all that we have left undone, though we ought, we ask you to fill us with new love and courage to bring about your work of redemption, through Christ our Lord. Amen.


  1. And bless us with the courage to look inside ourselves with a steady gaze, to look for the biases we have been taught that we have not yet rooted out. Bless us to help one another to do this hard work, not turning away in condemnation from those who are most biased, but no longer silent when they speak disrespect. Help us to hold one another accountable while holding one another in the bonds of friendship, as we are all surrounded by your arms of mercy.

  2. Jason K. says:

    Thank you, Lori.

  3. Thank you, Jason.
    And thank you, Lori.


  4. Rock on. (Which is probably not the appropriate liturgical response, so I’ll add “Amen.”)

  5. Jason K. says:

    Just keep church-hopping until you find a church with “rock on” in the liturgy.

  6. Amen all day and forever.

  7. Amen and amen.

  8. Bro. Jones says:

    Amen. Thank you.

  9. Amen! Thank you!

  10. Emily U says:

    I’m especially concerned about all I’ve left undone. Bless me with the courage to see it and do it.

  11. Jason K. says:

    Thank you, Emily. Just so.

  12. Amen.

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