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It’s July 24th. On this day 170 years ago, the Mormon pioneers entered Salt Lake Valley, Brigham Young said “this is the place,” and we have been celebrating ever since.

But you know what we will be celebrating 170 years from today? We don’t either. But there is a good chance that it will be the release of BCC Press’s Pioneer Day lineup: three pioneering creative works by Latter-day Saint women that are destined to change the landscape of Mormon literature forever.

Yeah, they are that good. And we can’t wait for you to read them. These are the books!

cover-book_of_laman-5,25x8x0,8in-frontFirst up we have Mette Harrison’s stunning new novel, The Book of Laman (Kindle version). You probably already know Mette as one of the premier Mormon novelists of our time and as the author of the Linda Wallheim detective novels, which have changed the way that Mormons are portrayed in genre fiction. She is also a popular young adult fiction writer and a Huffington Post blogger. And in her spare time she runs marathons.

But even if you have been following her for years, you still won’t be prepared for the awesomeness that is The Book of Laman. Neither a satire nor a work of BOM fan fiction, The Book of Laman is a serious novel that reframes the first part of the Book of Mormon by telling the story through Laman’s eyes. Through this device, Harrison humanizes the characters of the Book of Mormon and interrogates our notions of obedience, prophecy, sin, and redemption.

cover-mothers_milk-5,25x8x0,43in-frontNext comes the highly anticipated poetry collection Mother’s Milk: Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother. For this book, Rachel Hunt-Steenblik wrote 246 small poems exploring aspects of our Heavenly Mother. And BCC’s own Ashley Mae Hoiland complemented these poems with more than 40 original drawings. The result is an intimate discussion of the deep human longing for a Mother God.

Carol Lynn Pearson, whose pioneering work created the space that “Mother’s Milk” occupies, calls this collection “a major step toward filling the Mother-sized hole in our hearts.” And Joanna Brooks predicts that it “will teach the world what Mormon women know—perhaps uniquely—about God.” Here is just a taste of what you will find in this remarkable book:

Motherless Milk
I searched for my Mother, the way a baby roots
for her mother’s breast, head nuzzling from side to side,
mouth open, ready to suckle. But I was still thirsty.
Then my belly grew, and my breasts grew, and
a ravenous little thing came out. I offer her my milk
without money and without price. My husband
offered it to her once, while I sat beside them on a train.
She pursed her lips against the false nipple,
and stared at me with sad eyes. I wondered then,
if Heavenly Mother walked into another room
so we would take the bottle. I wondered then,
if we are weaned.

cover-third_wheel-5,25x8in-coverWe believe that there is a very good chance that the author of our third book, Third Wheel: Peculiar Stories of Mormon Women  in Love (Kindle version), will someday be remembered as the defining Mormon writer of our generation. Melissa Leilani Larson, a prominent playwright and filmmaker, has already won three awards from the Association for Mormon Letters Awards—the youngest person, and only woman, ever to accomplish this feat.

Two of the award-winning plays are in this volume, “Little Happy Secrets” (2009), which explores same-sex attraction among roommates at BYU; and “The Pilot Program” (2015), which imagines a near-future in which mainstream Mormons return to the practice of polygamy. Through these provocative plots, Larson discovers important truths about how Mormon culture defines (and constrains) romantic love.

The two plays in Third Wheel have been performed for enthusiastic audiences in Salt Lake City and Provo. They appear here, together in print, for the first time ever.  Read them. They will change your life if you let them.

Individually, these are exciting works of literature. But collectively, they are even more than that: they are a testimony to the fact that Mormon women have a powerful voice, based on unique life experiences, that the world needs to hear. We at BCC Press could not be prouder to be part of making this happen.

This week only, we are offering a 20% discount on all three books at our Create Space store using the code: QNTEGAHB. And, because we love you, this code will also work for our previous two books: Tracy Mckay’s powerful memoir The Burning Point (speaking of unique amd compelling Mormon women’s voices) and Steven Peck’s phenomenal theological treatise Science the Key to Theology.

One code, five books, and a lifetime of awesomeness. It is possible that you will find a better offer today. But we really doubt it.


  1. I’m so honored to be a part of this. Happy Pioneer Day, indeed!

  2. Mary Lythgoe Bradfford says:

    Would Rachel sign a copy for me personally?

  3. I am so excited for these, and just in time for summer reading!

  4. I purchased Third Wheel when I woke up this morning and am half way through. So good! I am looking forward to enjoying all of these. Thanks for the coupon!

  5. Mary, OF COUSE I would sign a copy for you personally. <3

  6. So proud of everyone here! The books really are incredible works!

  7. Catherine S says:

    Is there going to be a kindle version of Mother’s Milk? I’d love to read it in my preferred form but I’ll buy a physical copy if that’s what it takes to read it!

  8. Catherine S. I heard just today that they’re working on it! It’s apparently quite tricky to make ebooks look good when they have beautiful illustrations, especially when they have beautiful illustrations wrapped around words, as this one does. BCC Press is experimenting with a few solutions.

  9. ashmae, amen and amen.

  10. Moss, I’m so grateful and excited you’ll be reading soon. Thank you!

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