Announcing “Mother’s Milk” for Kindle―and So Much More

You asked for it, and we heard you. At BCC Press, it’s just what what we do. As of today, Mother’s Milk, the remarkable book of poems about Heavenly Mother written by Rachel Hunt Steenblik and illustrated by Ashley Mae Hoiland, is available for the Kindle. And for the next four days, you can get it for $3.95, which, let’s face it, is the new free.

If you haven’t seen what people are already saying about Mother’s Milk, check out the buzz:

“In these brief and moving poems, Rachel Hunt Steenblik recalls and reimagines the relationship between the daughters of God and their hidden and distant mother. Using her own experience and revelation as well as her wide research, Rachel recreates the Heavenly Mother many dream of knowing, a woman not unlike our own mothers, one who shares our own experience of motherhood.” —Claudia L. Bushman, author of Contemporary Mormonism

“The warm, delicious, delicate and strong poems in Mother’s Milk moved and delighted me. Without doubt this book is a major step toward filling the Mother-sized hole in our hearts. Boldly pulling back the curtain of patriarchy to show that “God” is not a boy’s name and that we have never lived in a one-parent family, Rachel reminds us that our Mother has never ceased to nourish and love us.” —Carol Lynn Pearson, author of Mother Wove the Morning, and The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy

“Rachel Hunt Steenblik is Mormonism’s most essential and necessary poet since Carol Lynn Pearson. Out of her hunger for a mother God, she has made food for us all. Out of her losses, she has made milk. It’s what women’s bodies know how to do, of course. But Rachel, oh honey, few of us do it so openly, so truthfully, so plainly, so well. Come, come, everyone—Mormon or not, brothers, sisters, kindred—and take these words. I am so proud that this book will teach the world what Mormon women know—perhaps uniquely—about God.”—Joanna Brooks, author of Book of Mormon Girl.

And these are just the the pre-publication reviews. You’ll have to read the eleventy million or so Amazon reviews to see what people have been saying recently.

And that’s not all! In celebration of this momentous event, we are offering OUR ENTIRE CATALOG at the same price. That’s right, from Thursday through Sunday, you can get each of the following E-books for $3.95, with a .99 match for those who have purchased physical copies from Amazon. Just click on the cover. Why? Because we like you:     BoL     cover-third_wheel-5,25x8in-cover     61ndnkogcml




  1. Mary Lythgoe Bradfford says:

    I need a print copy of Mothers Milk

  2. Mary, you can get a print copy via Amazon ( Or, if you would still like a signed version, we can figure out a way. xo

  3. I’m so, so excited about this. Thank you, BCC team, for making a Kindle version work!

  4. Allison Mitton says:

    Is Amazon the only way to purchase a print copy? I’m SO excited about this book, and will buy it from Amazon if that’s my only option, but as a person whose career is in the publishing industry I don’t buy books via Amazon.

  5. Q: Does the kindle version include Ashmae’s illustrations or just the text?

  6. All illustrations are included. (That’s why it took us an extra week to get it out on the Kindle).

  7. Hurray! Now our BCC press collection is complete! Thanks for putting the work into getting the illustrations on there. And thanks for deals like these to help penurious grad student families like ours afford such worthy literature.

  8. We are a non-profit public interest group. We want to be loved, not rich.

  9. Hi Allison. Thank you for your excitement. (I’m excited that you’re excited!) If you’re local to Utah both Writ & Vision and Benchmark Books have made orders. And sold out. And hopefully made more orders. Otherwise the online options are Amazon and Create Space (owned by Amazon). :)

  10. Allison Mitton says:

    Thanks for letting me know, Rachel. Still in Boston so Amazon will have to do.

  11. I very much appreciate these on kindle unlimited!! Thank you!!

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