Mormon Scholars Take Their Brief Against Trump to the U.S. Supreme Court

This is a follow-up to a post from four months back, but we Never-Trump Mormons are a persistent bunch. (As a reader of BCC, perhaps you have noticed.) The Trump administration’s proposed travel ban–which many of us (including the three BCC-permabloggers who are co-signers of the linked amici curiae brief) believe demonstrates real discriminatory intent based on religion–will have its day before the Supreme Court this October, and when it does, a thoughtful and thoroughly Mormon argument about the dangers of religious discrimination, filed today, will be considered alongside all the other legal arguments. You can read the full brief here. This version of the brief was prepared by Nate Oman, whom Bloggernaclers need no introduction to, and Anna-Rose Mathieson, who represented the signing scholars before the Supreme Court and whom we really ought to invite to guest-blog with us here. Keep up the good fight, everyone; we are.


  1. Congrats to those involved. But aren’t Never Trumpers properly Republicans who oppose Trump? Have you converted to Republicanism and I never noticed Russell?

  2. A fair point, Clark. I would argue that the “Never Trump” label can include non-Republicans, but you do give me pause.

  3. I applaud your efforts and hope your arguments win the day.

  4. Aaron Brown says:

    I see that Dan Peterson co-signed something Taylor Petrey signed, so I’m going to assume he’s pro-gay marriage now.

    But on a more serious note, hooray!

    Aaron B

  5. Clark, I just call myself Never-Republican, and that solves the problem nicely. Trump isn’t really the problem, after all. He is merely the logical destination toward which the GOP has been traveling for a few decades now. He’s just a crasser version of what they had hoped for.

  6. Wally, I’d definitely agree Trump is the apotheosis of troubling trends that have been besetting the GOP for at least two decades. Even before the rise of Trump there were stories and books on the topic. I rather liked Matt Lewis’ Too Dumb to Fail that was written before Trump’s rise. But there’s been tons of similar books. For conservatives like myself Trump is even more horrible since there’s all the damage he’s doing as President but he’s also completely destroying conservatism.

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