Vision of The Arts Auction

The Vision of The Arts Auction, which is only running for 4 more days, is an incredible opportunity to purchase art from both established and up and coming LDS artists, while simultaneously supporting scholarships and opportunities for LDS artists, including a special fund for female artists working with young children at home.  All the artists have donated their work and the proceeds from the auction go directly to continuing the work of this program.

From their website:

Goals of the Vision of the Arts Fund include: 
1. Continuing and growing the Gospel Vision of the Arts Scholarship auction. 
2. Continuing to Provide scholarships to emerging LDS artists. 
3. Establishing a residency program. 
4. Providing grants to young mother artists. 
5. Providing grants for the creation of significant works by mid to late career artists.

The Auction runs for just 4 more days, and the work is worth checking out and possibly adding to or beginning your art collection.




  1. I love these pieces. Am checking out the auction now. We really have some amazing lds artists right now! Ash, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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