BCC Press Announces a New Book by Adam Miller–And So Much More

Happy Thanksgiving. And, more specifically, happy day-after-Thanksgiving. Now that you have given thanks for all the stuff you have, it is time to start wanting a whole bunch of new stuff that you can give thanks for next year. And if you happen to love some people, it is time to buy some stuff to give them for the Holidays.

By “Holidays,” of course, we mean whatever end-of-the-year religious or secular celebration fills you with glee. And by “stuff,” we mean books.

And the first book that you should buy for everybody on your  list is the newest installment in Adam S. Miller’s scriptural paraphrase series: The Sun Has Burned My Skin: A Modest Paraphrase of Solomon’s Song of Songs

If you are not familiar with this series yet, well, shame on you. Adam (did we mention he is a BCC Perma too) has already taken Paul’s Letter to the Romans and the Old Testament’s Book of Ecclesiastes and created insightful, accessible paraphrases designed to help readers understand both WHAT they mean and HOW they mean in contexts that we can relate to. These are strong readings of difficult texts, and Adam does all the work so that all you have to do is understand it.

And he has done it again. With the Song of Solomon. You know THAT Song of Solomon. The one that is all about sex. The book that Joseph Smith said really didn’t belong in the Bible. The only book of erotic lyrics that you can read it Sacrament Meeting with complete impunity, even if you are the bishop. And, as it turns out, these poems are pretty good too.

But wait. That’s not all. We are also proud to announce our next two upcoming books, thus ensuring that you will have more to anticipate in December than just a home invasion. First, we will soon bring you Lawless Women, a remarkable collection of new poems by Heather Harris Bergevin.

In these poems, we encounter some of the “bad girls” from literature and history: Medea, Helen of Troy, Vashti, Gothel (Rapunzel’s witchy mom), Snow White’s stepmother, and la belle dame sans merci. But we get to hear their side of the story, all processed through the marvelous mind of one of Mormonism’s most unique and engaging poetic talents.

Next, we are deeply honored to announce the newest novel by Steven Peck, the author of (among other wonderful things) A Short Stay in Hell, The Scholar of Moab, and Gilda Trillim, Shepherdess of Rats. The Tragedy of King Leere, the Goatherd of the La Sals is perhaps the most Steve Peckish Steve Peck book ever. You will not be disappointed.

It has everything that you would expect from Steve–quirky characters, intense irony, actual science (it is a parable about the effects of climate change, after all), and battle robots, Plus, it is Shakespeare. Actual Shakespeare. Except for the battle robots, which are at least the most Shakespearean battle robots in the history of either Shakespeare or battle robots.

And there is even more. From today through Monday, all of BCC Press’s 2017 titles–which also means all of BCC Press’s titles ever–will be on sale for an incredible 40% off. If we actually had a store, we would be giving it away. But since we only have a virtual store, we are virtually giving it away. This means you can now by the following titles for something like the moral equivalent of free. Why? Because we like you.

The Book of Laman,
by Mette Harrison
Third Wheel
Melissa Leilani Larson
The Burning Point
Tracy McKay
Mother’s Milk
Rachel Hunt Steenblik and
Ashley Mae Hoiland
Science the Key to Theology
Steven L. Peck
Michael Austin


  1. So much good news!

  2. Is Amazon the best way to buy BCC books?

  3. Christian, yes it is (for now). Amazon has recently collapsed the CreateSpace option for us, so Amazon is the way to go. Some local bookstores will stock copies as well, but those are more rare.

  4. It looks like the sale isn’t working for “Science the Key to Theology.”

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