President Monson Funeral Arrangements

The Church has announced that President Monson’s funeral will be held Friday January 12, at noon (12 p.m.) Mountain Standard Time in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

The funeral will be broadcast on BYUTV and streamed on (among other locations).

The Church is inviting us to share memories on President Monson’s Facebook page, as well as make remembrance donations to the Humanitarian and Missionary funds.


  1. Oops. I’m pretty sure you mean the funeral is next Friday, the 12th, right?

  2. Yes! Fixed! Thanks!

  3. I’m weirded out by the huge public viewing. I know there’s a precedent, but it still feels very Eva Peron to me.

  4. I will be there in spirit, but unable to attend in person. Still, my prayers are with President Monson’s family and the people who knew him personally, as well as for the Church and the new President.

  5. Most of the people came to the Church because of the information you have mentioned above.