Update: 2018 MSSJ Pilgrimage – California Mission Trail


cropped mission

A view of Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Carmelo as one approaches from the north

As announced last September, the Mormon Society of St. James (MSSJ) is gearing up for its annual pilgrimage that will take place over Presidents Day weekend, February 16–19, 2018, along the Central Californian Coast. All those who would like to share their appreciation of God’s beautiful earth with good company are invited to join.

Over the Christmas holidays, our man on point—friend of the blog and fellow Canterbury pilgrim, DCL—was hard at work scouting the trail and putting together an excellent trip booklet with an itinerary as well as a wealth of details about the trail, history, transportation, accommodations, and so on. A map outlining our planned route can be found here. The events page is likewise a useful resource, especially for coordinating with other participants as the walk draws nearer.

Compared to previous pilgrimages, this one will be short in terms of both distance and time—just 31 miles of walking over three days—but I expect it will be no less sweet than our past undertakings. In fact, I suspect that for many, a less strenuous and time-intensive trek may be a selling point. At any rate, there’s still plenty of time to fill your lamps and get ready to join us on the Monterey Peninsula. Buen Camino!



  1. DeAnn Spencer says:

    Daniel has really put together a great pilgrimage. Looking forward to to the trek!

  2. Aaron Brown says:

    I am coming along.

    I fear the publication of my attendance will inundate the hike with eager participants, as everyone is likely to crave proximity to my celebrity. My apologies for the logistical nightmare I have caused.

    Aaron B

  3. So that’s why all the hotels are booked solid! I figured it must be the Super Bowl or something that weekend.

  4. jlouielucero says:

    I served my mission in that area and was around most of those missions. It is really cool. You will enjoy it.

  5. Thanks for this update, Peter. See you on the trail!

  6. jlouielucero, I fully anticipate that you are correct. Indeed, Dan, til then!

  7. I read this when it was announced and was excited to actually go on this one. Then I forgot until just now :(

  8. If it’s too late to join for the whole weekend, feel free to come for just a day (that is, if the time commitment rather than travel distance is the culprit).

  9. I really, really, really, really want to come, but I’m still trying to work out logistics. This looks incredible, and even if I don’t do it with you guys, I hereby vow I’m going to steal all of your work product and do it on my own someday.

  10. All comers are welcome, even future freeloaders! ;)

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