Announcement: Church History Symposium 2018

This semester, I’m teaching a course on not-for-profit corporations. Today’s class deals with the duties of charitable trustees and board members to invest the organization’s money responsibly.

The class is at least tangentially related to this year’s Church History Symposium, to be held on March 1 at the Conference Center at BYU and March 2 at the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake. This year’s symposium is entitled “Business, Wealth, Enterprise, and Debt: The Economic Side of Mormon History, 1830–1930.”

The program for this year’s Symposium looks fascinating; I wish I could go to each and every session. Full disclosure: I’ll be presenting (this paper) on March 1 at 1:00. If you’re around and available, I’d love to see you/meet you IRL.

Note that, my participation notwithstanding, I think this is a critical topic. We tend to give short shrift to the economic side of Mormonism; we dismiss it as somehow unworthy or unclean. And yet questions of money are integral both to this history and present of both Mormonism and of religion in general. So if you’re in Utah on March 1 and 2, you should definitely make an effort to check out the Symposium.


  1. Fbisti, Sam’s reviewed the book (and so have I) at BCC. It’s relevant.

  2. What Steve said. I think, though, that this Symposium has a different underlying purpose from the Quinn book. Quinn was attempting to give a broad overview of the church’s (and various church members’/leaders’) economic history. By and large, I think the Symposium presentations will offer deep dives into specific economic occurrences (many of which were outside the scope of Quinn’s book, in any event).

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