Two Great Events for Black History Month

Next week are two extremely promising events, both of which I really wish I could attend.

The first is in Washington, D.C. next weekend, February 17-18. It’s the first Black Latter Day Saint Conference Weekend at the DC Temple Visitor’s Center in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Priesthood Restoration. Speakers include Phylicia Jimenez, Janan Graham-Russell, Bryndis Roberts, Fred Bowers, Marvin Perkins, Kevin Mosley and others. This is really a who’s who. There is a Saturday conference, then a Sunday services meeting and fireside. Details here.

Second is next Thursday night at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City. Amy Tanner Thiriot, who is a family and community historian and is currently finishing a book on the experiences of the enslaved African American pioneers of Utah Territory, will speak on Black Mormon pioneer experiences. It promises to be a powerful evening. Details here.


  1. It’s just fantastic that we are celebrating the legacy of black pioneers, celebrating the end of the temple and priesthood ban and taking a serious look at the current and future state of black mormons. All of these events are so needed and so great.

  2. Kevin Barney says:

    They both look like fantastic events.

  3. Thanks! I am taking my kids to the one in SLC

  4. I wish I would be able to go. I am excited to be able to try to go to the concert taking place on 2/24. Maybe I can go on Sunday evening to the fireside event. Almost 100 people have already signed up to go on the FB event. So I think it will be well attended.

  5. Heptaparaparshinokh says:

    I used to be in Marvin Perkins’ ward. Nice guy, has done some great work, but I’m not sure I could ever forgive him for, during the Prop 8 campaign, repeating the blood libel of gay men grooming underage boys. (As if straight men like Roy Moore didn’t do that to teenage girls.)

  6. Bro. Jones says:

    Blast, can’t make it to either one. :(

  7. May I suggest a third event? This Saturday Alice and Robert Burch will present a workshop at the Salt Lake City Public Library about Racism and the Priesthood. Saturday, February 17, 2:15-5:15 p.m. I heard Alice speak at a meeting of the Mormon History Association and Robert speak at the first annual meeting of Sons and Daughters of the U. S. Middle Passage at Rider University in New Jersey. Both presentations were exceptional, and I would strongly suggest that if you are in the area, you won’t want to miss this workshop.

  8. Here’s a notice about the event. This is the first of ten workshops they will hold this year throughout Utah.

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