My Short Valentines

It is strange to sit on a hard chair in a classroom
Reading a presentation called
“Can I love them enough?”
Foster Parent Training is not for 
Those with weak souls or hesitant hearts.

When I met you, I was determined to love you enough.
At first it was a conscious love,
A resolute love.
An act of will.
I loved you with stubbornness through tears and fright.
I commanded myself
And then I cried, exhausted.

I loved, but my soul ached from stretching.
I ran an obstacle course I could not finish,
Every muscle sore and seized.

And then we learned to laugh.
And I hug you and blow your hair from my face while we watch tv.

And, our feet intertwined, you tell me secrets.

I dance, and you are delighted.

Now I hold you.
You and me and blanky snuggling in the dark room.
I cannot hug you tightly enough.
Can you melt into my chest?
So tomorrow when you are away, my arms will not ache?


  1. Love.

  2. Kevin Barney says:

    Happy Short Valentines Day, Karen!

  3. Just beautiful, Karen.

  4. Love. Thank you.

  5. Heartwarming for a special day. Congratulations Karen

  6. Oh my. Yes that is love. The very essence of love.

  7. Such intense feelings and beautiful words!

  8. Beautiful. Love. You amaze me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  9. I love everything about this. Thank you.

  10. Wow, Karen. Much love!

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