Certain Women: Zion Art Society exhibition in Salt Lake City and Provo, March 2 – May 5.

Today’s guest post comes from Eric Biggart of the Zion Art Society.

Two years ago, the Zion Art Society launched as a way to bridge the gap between the thousands of inspiring LDS artists and potentially millions of LDS art collectors. We have all been consoled to beautify Zion, and we hoped to bring original art into the homes of members across the world. In the years since, we have held two art exhibitions, and international competition, and started a arts-focused podcast, Mormon Visual Culture.

But this year, for a host of reasons, we are thrilled to hand the reigns over to a team of artists that wanted to organize their own show. We are lucky enough to co-sponsor Certain Women, the first art show exclusively featuring Latter-day Saint women.  The show addresses the need for greater representation of female artists from the LDS community. This invitational art show presents a multi-faceted picture of LDS women, through a collection of works by a variety of artists. Over 40 female LDS artists from around the country will display work that they feel best represents them as artists.

The show was created by artists Katherine Ricks, Emily Carruth Fuller, Nicole Woodbury, and Angela Reichman, with co-sponsorship from the Zion Art Society. It will be displayed from March 2-April 2, 2018 at Anthony’s Fine Art and Antiques in Salt Lake City and then moved to Heirloom Art and Co. in Provo from April 6-May 5, 2018.

A number of events will be held during the run of the show, but we would encourage you to stop in, see the show, and consider adding a piece of art to your collection. Isn’t it interesting that many Latter-day Saints are familiar with the idea of the ubiquitous “home theater,” yet many of us have never considered owning a piece of inspiring fine art in our homes? At a time when diversity in the Church is at an all-time high, is it any wonder that there are thousands of artists working in various styles to express their beliefs through the artistic talents they have been blessed with and the skills they have honed. Never before has our religion featured so many world-renowned and award winning artists, yet so many members are unfamiliar with them.

Certain Women is just another step toward the recognition of art, and of women artists in particular, and the influence that can be had in teaching the Gospel through a visual medium.

Artists featured in Certain Women include:

Angela Reichman

Annastasha Larsen

Cassandra Barney

Elise Whele

Leslie Graff

Courtney Vander Veur Matz

Elizabeth Thayer

Katie Liddiard

Katherine Ricks

Shushana Rucker

Emily Carruth Fuller

Allie Zeyer

Brittany Scott

Amy Tolk Richards

Jenna Fraizer

Laura Erekson Atkinson

Paige Anderson

Caitlin Connolly

Nicole Woodbury

Emily King

Janis Mars Wunderlich

Ellen Baker

Jen Tolman

Elizabeth Crowe

Valerie Atkisson

Jenedy Paige

Sandy Freckleton Gagon

Rose Datoc Dall

Cristall Harper

Aerin Collett

Heather Teran

Dahrl Thomson

Kathleen Peterson

Sunny B. Taylor

Morgan Foshee

Annie Henrie Nader

Laurie Lisonbee

Emily McPhie

Ashley Mae Hoiland

Annette Everett



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