Half Off BCC Press Award Nominees

Award season is now upon us, and BCC Press could not be prouder that, before we even reach our first birthday, four of our titles have been nominated for major awards in Mormon literarydom. And to show how proud we are–and also how awesome these books are–we will be offering our four nominees for half price all week. That’s right: four great books at four great prices. Because we love you.

Here are the nominees with all the links you need to take advantage of this awesome deal:


Association for Mormon Letters Award Nominee for Creative Nonfiction
The Burning Point: A Memoir of Addiction, Destruction, Love, Parenting, Survival, and Hope, by Tracy McKay

When her husband became addicted to opiods and her life fell apart, Tracy McKay found herself in a nightmare: ” I was poor. I was divorced. I was a single mother. I was a welfare mother. I was heading back to college in my thirties. . . . Everything I had feared, every stigma I had hoped to avoid, had become part of my life. In the prevailing narrative distilled down, my ex-husband was a drug addict, and I was an uneducated single mother on welfare.” The Burning Point is the story of how she faced all of this head, rejected the script that life handed her, and rewrote the story of her life.

Paperback: $6.48
Kindle: $3.98


Association for Mormon Letters Award Nominee for Poetry
Mother’s Milk by Rachel Hunt Steenblik, illustrations by Ashley Mae Hoiland

For this book, Rachel Hunt-Steenblik wrote 246 small poems exploring aspects of our Heavenly Mother. And BCC’s own Ashley Mae Hoiland complemented these poems with more than 40 original drawings. The result is an intimate discussion of the deep human longing for a Mother God. Carol Lynn Pearson, whose pioneering work created the space that “Mother’s Milk” occupies, calls this collection “a major step toward filling the Mother-sized hole in our hearts.” And Joanna Brooks predicts that it “will teach the world what Mormon women know—perhaps uniquely—about God.”

Paperback: $4.98
Kindle: $3.98
Lait Maternal (French translation): $5.22


Association for Mormon Letters Award Nominee for Religious Nonfiction
The Sun Has Burned My Skin, by Adam Miller

The Sun Has Burned My Skin is the third volume in Adam Miller’s insightful, accessible paraphrases designed to help readers understand both WHAT they mean and HOW they mean. Earlier volumes have paraphrased Paul’s Epistle to the Romans and the Book of Ecclesiastes. The Sun Has Burned My Skin takes on the Song of Solomon. You know THAT Song of Solomon. The one that is all about sex. The book that Joseph Smith said really didn’t belong in the Bible. The only book of erotic lyrics that you can read it Sacrament Meeting with complete impunity, even if you are the bishop. And, as it turns out, these poems are pretty good too.

Paperback: $3.98
Kindle: $1.48


Whitney Award Finalist
The Book of Laman, by Mette Harrison

In The Book of Laman, Mette Harrison takes a concept that others have used for a quick joke–the idea of narrating the first part of the Book of Mormon from Laman’s perspective–and turns it into a serious and profoundly moving story of redemption that has the ability to make us all better readers, and, more importantly, better people. Harrison’s Laman isa flawed human being struggling to live well and usually coming up short. And in some of the book’s very best scenes, he is touched unexpectedly by grace and God.

Paperback: $5.98
Kindle: $3.48




  1. Three cheers! Thank you for all of your support.

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    Well deserved!

  3. An amazing slate of books, congrats to the authors!

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